How to Draw a Cartoon Snail

Cartoon snail drawing

As slow as this cartoon snail may look, drawing one is actually a pretty quick process!

It’s true, drawing animals like snails is pretty simple to do. Snails are composed only a couple basic shapes.

Really, all a snail is – is two circles and a line. Or, if you want to get even simpler… just one circle.The most important part of any snail of course, is its trademark circular swirly shell.

Without this… it’s just a slug!

Well, as slow or as fast as you like… let’s get drawing!

Framework for drawing a cartoon snail

First Step – A Simple Snail Framework

Begin by drawing a circle on the page in front of you. This is the main part of the entire drawing as it serves as a guideline from which to draw the shell of your cartoon snail.

Next, draw a second (yet smaller) circle to the left of the first one – just as I’ve done in the example.

This second and smaller circle will become the head of your cartoon snail. It’s just a guideline, but in drawing it ahead of time as I’ve done – it’ll help you visualize how the rest of your drawing is going to take shape.

The final part of your guideline is a simple line for the body of your snail. Don’t worry a bit with regard to getting it like mine. A quick stroke of the pencil will do just fine.

OK – let’s keep going…

Second Step – Give Your Snail a Funny Looking Head

Funny looking? Well… snails actually do have rather odd-looking heads. And this of course is because their eyes extend out from the very top like two antennae. Kind of ‘alien-like‘ if you ask me!

In three phases, here are some examples to help you bring the head of your snail into view…

Drawing the eyes and mouth of a cartoon snail Drawing the cheeks and chin of a cartoon snail Drawing the head of a cartoon snail

Something to note here… notice how I used the circle to form the core shape of the head. I recommend you change yours. The head will look much better if you cut in and away from the circle. If you look at the final drawing up top, the original shape of the circle is clearly visible. By changing this shape (using the circle only as a guideline)… you can come up with something very unique. Give it a shot!

Alright… let’s wrap things up by drawing the body, tail and details of this cartoon snail…

Final Step – Cartoon Snail… Shell Body and Details

Using the swirvy line you drew for the body of your snail, draw the ‘front part’ of the body — the part that extends from the neck. Draw it so that it slowly becomes narrower toward the shell. This creates the impression that the body goes into the shell.

After this, it’s on to the shell itself. A simple ‘swirl‘ is the first thing you need to draw. Then, use the circle to bring the rest into view. Like so…

Drawing the body of a cartoon snail Drawing the spiral shell of a cartoon snail

Drawing the shell of a cartoon snail Drawing of a cartoon snail

Finally, draw in the very last part… the tail. Due to the snail’s position, its tail will appear to be coming out from behind the shell – still in line with the rest of the body. Pretty simple to draw actually.

So… how’s your cartoon snail look up to this point? Remember, even though I mentioned this lesson was quick – it’s always a good idea to take your time when drawing. Pace yourself, and with practice… you’ll be able to gradually draw things faster.

Good work! 🙂