How to Draw a Cartoon Snake

Cartoon snake drawing

You know… not all snakes are scary! Take this cute little cartoon snake for example. Minus the teeth and forked tongue – and ‘plus’ the bright colors, it actually looks a lot more friendly!

But true enough, and depending on what kind of snake we’re talking about – they can be a bit on the scary side. Something like a rattlesnake, a cobra or even an anaconda all fit the bill in this case.

The snake you see to your right is a cartoon version of what looks to be an emerald tree python. They’re especially known for their vibrant green and blue colors. In your case though, with a few small changes – you can create whatever kind of snake you like. Add a rattle on the tail, add some teeth… change it as you see fit.

Alright – looks like this snake is ready to spring into action… and I think you are too. Let’s get drawing!

Framework for drawing a cartoon snake

First Step – Snake Framework and Coils

Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to map out the drawing of your cartoon snake. A simple arrangement of basic shapes will accomplish this task very nicely.

Start by ‘piling’ up three rectangles just as I’ve done on the right. These rectangles (as you’ll very soon see) are the coils — the body of your cartoon snake.

Now once you’ve got the rectangles in place, go ahead and draw an oval for the head followed by a couple additional lines – one for the neck and another for the tail. Do this, and you can start right into your drawing like so…

Drawing the base of the cartoon snake Drawing the second coil of the cartoon snake Drawing the third coil of the cartoon snake

Don’t forget… you’ll be erasing the underlying framework lines later on. Make sure your pencil (blue) lines are nice and light! When you begin drawing your snake, I recommend you tackle the coils first, working your way up. You can see how I’ve changed the curvature of my lines ever so slightly. All of the center lines dip down.

One, two, three coils later, and the body of your cartoon snake is complete! Let’s keep going!…

Second Step – Give Your Snake a Cute Cartoon Face!

Cute! Let’s remember this. So how do you draw a cute face for an animal that’s usually thought of as ‘dangerous!’ and ‘fearsome!’? Simple. Change the features of the face so that they are softer – something a bit more calming than the otherwise ‘sharp & mysterious’ features of a typical snake.

In three simple steps, here’s how I drew the face (and neck), see if you can do the same…

Drawing the face of the cartoon snake Drawing the head of the cartoon snake Drawing the neck of the cartoon snake

Big round eyes are a good start. Follow them up with a nice big happy smile and already – this little guy’s looking all the more friendly!

Something else you can do – get rid of that slithery, creepy forked tongue. Well, do so only if you want to. A soft ‘gummy’ tongue like the one above won’t be scaring anyone away! 🙂

When you’ve got the face of your cartoon snake in place, have a go at the neck and then it’s on to the final step… details!

Drawing of a cartoon snake

Final Step – Detail Your Cartoon Snake

One last thing to do… sketch in some details to make your cartoon snake extra-unique. It’s at this phase of the lesson where you can come up with something like no other snake anywhere.

Notice I went for the ‘stripes’ look… well, you could change things up if you want by adding spots or even leaving the pattern blank – your call. Another idea… try to incorporate the pattern up the neck and around the face as well.

What else? Color of course! And snakes especially are quite the colorful creatures. From the grass snake to the tiger snake to the coral snake – we’re talking greens, blues, reds, oranges… and the list goes on. So get creative and bring your cute little cartoon snake to life with a vibrant color selection of your own.

Hey, great work on this one! See snakes aren’t all that bad… err, at least when we draw them they’re not! Very good work. 🙂