How to Draw a Cartoon Snowflake

Cartoon snowflake drawing

OK, for drawing a cartoon snowflake – you’ve really got to just ‘let go’ and get totally creative. There are millions of different forms and patterns that snowflakes can take on, so really – the sky’s the limit as to what the one you draw here can and will look like.

Still, one thing we do need to pay close attention to – is symmetry. Take a look at any snowflake and yes – it’s symmetrical about its center in every way you look at it. Left equals right, top equals bottom… symmetrical.

To aid in keeping things relatively equal on opposite sides, we’ll be using a ‘quadrant & circle‘ framework — a simple guideline that will help to maintain the pattern that you design and apply to your cartoon snowflake.

Ready to begin then? Great – let’s get to it…

First Step – Create a ‘Quadrant & Circle’ Framework for Your Snowflake

Keeping a drawing symmetrical is not always an easy task. And yes, this is especially true if you’re not as experienced with drawing. With practice though, you’ll become ‘more aware’ of distances and more easily able to map out and draw symmetrical objects, without the use of a guide.

I recommend you try it with the guide first a few times, and then practice drawing without it.

Now, to draw this ‘quadrant & circle’ framework, first you’ll need to draw a square on the page in front of you, with a cross placed neatly in the center – just like this…

Drawing the framework for a cartoon snowflake Drawing a circle and x to create a cartoon snowflake

Keeping these framework lines nice and light, mark off two circles using a compass. To do this, place the needle (be careful!) of your compass in the central point. Then, draw your circles.

Something to note: Depending on how basic or complex you want your cartoon snowflake to be, draw more or less circles. Drawing two like I’ve done helps to sketch a snowflake with a detailed interior and a detailed exterior. A third circle in the middle would help to draw a detailed area in between. Makes it all the more original!

Now, let’s begin drawing this cartoon snowflake…

Second Step – Design the Interior of Your Cartoon Snowflake

Using your framework to help, begin by drawing in the pattern of the interior. How? Well – if you look at how I’ve done it below, you’ll see that I started off with seven simple circles. You’ll also see that they’re not connected.

Using different shapes – circles, ovals, diamonds, triangles,teardrops, etc. create an interior for you snowflake that is relatively equal in every direction about the center.

Like this…

Drawing the center part of a cartoon snowflake Drawing repeating shapes about the center of the snowflake Drawing more repeating shapes about the center of the snowflake

Moving through the second and third examples above, you can see how the consistent repetition of shape drawing – equal in every direction from the center – yields a pretty neat-looking design. And so long as you maintain the ‘equilibrium‘, you’ll have a neat design of your own too!

Got the interior of your snowflake drawn? Good stuff… let’s finish it off!

Final Step – Design the Outer Area and Add Additional Details

Because you’ve got a nice little framework to work with, after completing the interior of your cartoon snowflake – you can now move out to the outside areas – outer/middle… depending on how many circles are in your framework.

So then, starting at the outer-most points, and working your way back to the center, go ahead and design the rest of your snowflake similar to how I’ve done here…

Drawing the exterior parts of the cartoon snowflake Drawing the arms of the cartoon snowflake Drawing of a cartoon snowflake

And, just when you think you’re all finished, have a second look at the final design. Are there any places where an extra shape or two – consistently repeated in every direction – would increase its overall uniqueness? See what you can come up with.

What’s especially neat about drawing a cartoon snowflake, is being able to step back and view it from a distance. All of the repetitive intricate details come together to form a very original and unique design — and that’s exactly what this lesson is all about! 🙂

And that’s how to draw a cartoon snowflake.