How to Draw a Cartoon Snowman

Cartoon snowman drawing

Drawing a cartoon snowman is simple when you consider the shapes from which he’s composed. All it takes is three circles, one on top of the other… and you’re well on your way.

Just have a look at the drawing in the example. Minus the details, the entire picture is based on circles – even the eyes, mouth and buttons.

Of course, you may want to add more details – of other shapes – such as a scarf, carrot nose, stick arms, top hat, etc.

Really – there’s no end to just how unique your drawing can look!

Alright then – let’s get started, drawing a simple cartoon snowman…

First Step – Draw Your Cartoon Snowman Using a Three-Circle Guide

If it all comes down to only three circles, then of course – draw them! Lightly with your pencil, and beginning at the bottom… sketch in three simple overlapping circles – biggest at the bottom and smallest at the top.

Like this…

Three circles for drawing a cartoon snowman Drawing the face of a cartoon snowman Drawing the snow under the cartoon snowman

If you like, change the size and number of the circles which compose your snowman. This’ll give yours a look that’s uniquely yours.

Once you’ve got your circles in place, the next thing to do is sketch in the details in the form of a face, hat, buttons, nose, arms, etc. And if you like… draw in the snow in the form of a few simple curvy lines – just like I did in the third example above. This creates a neat effect where the snow on the ground seamlessly merges with your character.

Do all this BEFORE you sketch in the final circular lines which compose the body.

OK – on to the last step…

And Then… Sketch in the Body and Remove the Framework

In one final step, go ahead and bring out the final lines which compose the body. In my case, notice how I left gaps at the bottom of each circle. This brings the three circles together, giving your drawing more depth and in the end – a much nicer look.

Drawing the details of the cartoon snowman Black and white drawing of a cartoon snowman

Something to add… you’ll notice I’ve drawn a scarf in the finished example up top. Again, if you’d like to incorporate more detail into your drawing (your next one perhaps!)… just make sure you do so before you carry on with the body.

And that’s all there is to it. Now you’ve got a great little cartoon snowman – perfect for cards, decorations and more!

Hope you enjoyed the lesson. 🙂