How to Draw a Cartoon Soccer Ball

Cartoon soccer image

Cartoon soccer ball? How about a football? After all, you kick it with your feet! The debate is never ending.

Of all the ‘sport balls’ there are, these ones are HANDS DOWN – the most tricky to draw. The circle part… easy. The thirty-two panels of pentagons and hexagons all coming together to form a perfect sphere? That’s another story.

Still, like with anything that can be drawn, it’s possible to simplify things such that creating this ball a more easy task. This is where the use of a framework – as well as the maintenance of symmetry… comes into play.

Alright, let’s kick things off and get drawing this soccer ball!…

First – Map Out and Draw the Pentagons as Viewed from Straight On

Ok. First thing then, go ahead and draw a circle. Yes any old circle will do just fine. Then, similar to how you drew the faces of animals, people, etc. in other lessons — again… draw a cross. This divides your circle into four equal segments, making it easier to use as a reference point.

Then, when you’re all set to begin… go ahead and draw a simple pentagon in the very center of your circle like so…

Drawing of a soccer ball circle Drawing the first pentagon for the soccer ball Drawing five more pentagons for the soccer ball

It’s obvious… the help of the circle and cross really do aid in maintaining symmetry as you draw not one, but six pentagons as they would be viewed when looking at a soccer ball from straight on. Take your time and don’t be so concerned with ‘perfection’. You’ll be surprised how ‘equal’ everything looks when you’re all done.

And well… that’s pretty much all there is to drawing a cartoon soccer ball! Let’s finish it off now…

Drawing of a cartoon soccer ball

And Then… Cartoon Soccer Ball Complete!

Minus the original circle, as well as the cross… the finished product is just what you were looking for – a nice, crisp, simple cartoon soccer ball!

If you like, leave your drawing be – just as it is in the example to the left. Or…

Take things a step further by bringing the interlocking hexagons into view. Simply connect all of the pentagon points and PRESTO – mission accomplished. To see what I mean, have a look once again at the finished soccer ball at the top of the page.

Great job on this one! Be sure to come on back soon for yet another cartoon sports drawing lesson. 🙂