How to Draw a Cartoon Spaceship

Cartoon spaceship drawing

This cartoon spaceship – also called a spacecraft, or more commonly – "a space shuttle (that’s what this is)"… is simple enough to draw, when we take into account, the obvious shapes – that of which its composed of.

Rocket boosters carrying the craft off from the ground below – and as the image depicts… INTO THE STARS!!! — is going to be…


First Step – Stack Up Those Shapes… Visualize & Go!

Symmetrically, about a centerline – here is the framework I first came up with in order to best visualize and plan this spacecraft. I recommend you take note of these shapes – whether you use them for a blueprint or not. It really helps clarify – what’s what – and where each part goes.

Here it is…

Drawing a vertical line for the cartoon spaceship
Using shapes to plan out the spaceship drawing
Using more shapes to determine the look of the spaceship
Using shapes to draw a cartoon spaceship

The big jagged line at the bottom… takes on the purpose of mapping out the path of the smoke. It’s not to say that the smoke should take on this EXACT path… but again… helps to visualize before-hand!

Initiating launch…

Second Step – Launching a Cartoon Spaceship

Working your way down the images below, used to help you put everything in perspective and on paper as you progress… now it’s time to make it all happen. Do your very best… take your time… and of course… have fun. 🙂

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… DRAW!

Drawing the first details of the spaceship
Drawing the body and wings of the cartoon spaceship
Drawing the central part of the cartoon spaceship
Completing the main part of the cartoon spaceship
Detailing the cartoon spaceship
Drawing the main part of the cartoon spaceship
Drawing the sides of the cartoon spaceship
Drawing fire coming from the spaceship
Drawing smoke beneath the cartoon spaceship
Black and white drawing of cartoon spaceship
Cartoon drawing of a spaceship

Up, into the stars it goes – just like they do in real life. It truly is a spectacular sight, and with respect to what we’re doing here – a wonderful vision to recreate on paper.

So – did you have fun with this lesson? I hope so! And also – I hope this lesson inspired your interest in space altogether… and what’s "out there". It’s a fascinating subject.

Back to the drawing board and see you real soon! 🙂