How to Draw a Cartoon Squirrel

Cartoon squirrel drawing

Here, let’s draw a simple cartoon squirrel – and in this case… one that’s poised – eating its favorite food… nuts!

This one’s based on the variegated variety that lives in Costa Rica. Really though – you can stylize it in all sorts of unique ways… grey, black – whichever.

To the lesson…

How to Draw a Cartoon Squirrel

Alright – let’s begin with a simplified version of this creature – a breakdown in basic shapes.

As seen crouching from the side, a couple circles will suffice for the head and body, just like so…

A framework for drawing a cartoon squirrel

Viewed from the side – the green lines above – only depict one of each… leg, arm, and ear. After though – we’ll go ahead and ‘mirror’ the other parts over.

A simple framework like this – can really help to visualize the proportion of the subject ahead of time. It might help to sketch the lines out lightly in pencil – or… it may even help to simply take a quick ‘snapshot’ with your memory. Have an idea of what goes where before you start!

OK – beginning with the head…

Drawing the eye and nose of the cartoon squirrel

And next – begin to bring in the shape of the head – as well as the detailed parts in and around it. Notice how the cross helps to map out symmetry with respect to eye/nose/mouth placement…

Drawing the head of the cartoon squirrel

Moving on to complete the head – mirror the ear, and then – move on down to start drawing the arm of your cartoon squirrel. Notice – lines are carefully and sequentially placed at this point, to prevent the need for erasing as you go. Of course, if erasing every now and then works better for you – by all means go head. The extra attention before-hand though… can save you work down the road.

The look so far…

Drawing the ears and arm of the cartoon squirrel

Now – using the shapes of the framework… go ahead and sketch in the body of your cartoon squirrel. It’s pretty easy when you have that big circle to guide you along. You can go for a more jagged line if you like to create the impression of fur. Branch out and get creative with structure already in place!

Coming along nicely…

Drawing the back and leg of the cartoon squirrel

In this step – go ahead and draw in the tail and rest of the body of your squirrel, like so…

Drawing the tail and foot of the cartoon squirrel

Again – you can begin to see… I’ve ordered the parts of the lesson in a specific way. Whenever there’s an easier way to approach it – I’ll try to do it that way. Leaving the mouth of the squirrel until the end for example… allows you to take in the entire image – and while you’re in the process of drawing… think about the various ways you can tackle the last and ‘more tedious’ parts.

So now then – draw in the hand, and other parts – just like this…

Completing the hand of the cartoon squirrel

Almost done!

Drawing the nut and other foot of the cartoon squirrel

Most of your lines pretty well in place now – finish it off, with you guessed it – color!

Drawing of a cartoon squirrel

Completed – your cartoon squirrel’s taken on a unique personality of its own. Looks great!… and cute!

Well – hope you enjoyed the lesson. More to come… see you again soon. 🙂