How to Draw Cartoon Stars

Cartoon stars drawing

Cartoon stars are ‘the ultimate’ when it comes to doodling. They’re super easy to draw… only five quick & simple lines and you’re done!

Well, here I’d like to take this ‘doodle’ a step further and help you to cement your star-drawing know how. With a few simple tips, drawing a great-looking star will become all the more easier.

There are lots of occasions where you may want to draw a star. Perhaps you’re looking to fill up the sky of a drawing that’s taking place at night? Or maybe, someone just got ‘knocked out’ and is ‘seeing stars’! 🙂 Top of a Christmas tree?…

Whichever it is, in this lesson I’d like to show you the six simple steps involved in drawing cartoon stars and how to complete each one to near-perfection!

Let’s begin…

First Step – The First Three Lines

Drawing stars like the one you see above begins with three straight lines. The first two come together to form a peak. This is the easiest part. Something to consider though — it may help to make use of a centerline.

This can help keep symmetry as you strive to keep the left and right sides of the peak equal. Use a lightly sketched pencil line for the centerline…

Drawing the first three lines of cartoon stars

The third line is easily the most difficult of all five. This is the one that determines the final shape and overall ‘look’ of your star. Be careful here. Make sure to have it come back across the centerline so that it extends up and to the left – past the point where you began.

Everything looking OK up to this point? Great!

For the next three steps, I’m going to ditch the centerline so that you can better view the star as it takes form. I recommend you keep yours until the final step…

And Then… a Star is Born!

When you come across the center with your fourth line, it’s very important that the left and right lengths (opposite the center) are equal. No, it doesn’t have to be perfect… but do get it close. Here’s how the rest plays out…

Drawing the remaining lines to create cartoon stars

So long as the distance of line number four is equal on both the left and right sides of the center, your fifth and final line will be no problem at all to draw. And so, go ahead and draw it in!

Well, five lines later and you’ve got a ‘doodle-type’ star. But that’s not what we’re after. To make your star a true cartoon star, there’s one last step that I suggest you take…

Simply erase the small pentagon that forms between the five lines. Or, if you like… go re-sketch the star very lightly in pencil and then go over the perimeter in something more permanent. This leaves you with a much nicer-looking star, one that you can use in all sorts of drawing-related situations.

And there you have it… that’s how to draw simple cartoon stars!