How to Draw a Cartoon Steak

Cartoon steak drawing

Similar to the hot dog, a cartoon steak is easy to draw, and can be done so in four very simple steps.

Looking at the example to the right, and focusing just on the top surface… what kind of shape can you make out?

A good way to describe it would be as an off-set, extra-rounded heart.

And really, this shape is key in coming up with something that actually does resemble this kind of meat.

OK – let’s get drawing…

First Step – Four Simple Phases and You’re Done!

The four phases below, show how to create your drawing in a very simple manner. As mentioned up top — it’s the top area that’s key. Ensure that it’s larger on one side, and skinnier on the other. Also… do your best to keep the three main curved parts nice and round.

Here’s how it goes…

Drawing the top of the cartoon steak Drawing the sides of the cartoon steak Drawing the base of the cartoon steak Drawing of a cartoon steak

If you refer back to the Cartoon Sandwich lesson – you’ll notice that using a cube can be quite helpful in maintaining depth in a drawing. Similarly – drawing here is also 3D as it’s being viewed from above. It’s got height, width, and ‘depth‘ too. So… a cube could also come in hand here. Give it a shot and see if it helps.

And you’re done! 🙂