How to Draw a Cartoon Stocking

Cartoon stocking drawing

In this lesson, let’s draw a cartoon stocking – just like the ones that hang over the mantle of the chimney at Christmas time.

Basically, all we’re really drawing is a sock.

But just like anything else, a simple guideline can help to maintain and draw the shape of a foot – the shape that it should take on.

And so, let’s begin this quick and easy drawing lesson…

First (and only) Step – Draw a Cartoon Stocking in Four Simple Parts

In drawing this ‘Christmas sock’, it helps to first map out its general shape. Here, you’ll do just this using only two lines and two circles.

To begin, go ahead and draw two straight lines, having them meet together at a fairly wide angle, just like in the first example below.

After that, continue on by drawing the actual stocking, beginning with a fluffy cloud-like top

Two lines to form the framework for the cartoon stocking Drawing the fluffy white part at the top of the stocking

Draw the top of your stocking to be as big/small/etc. as you like. Another thought for the top… draw four simple curved or straight lines for a more basic look.

Defining the shape of the stocking Drawing the sock part of the cartoon stocking

Next, it’s on to the sock part. And to do this, I recommend you map out the foot area with a couple circles, just as I’ve done in the example above. In doing so, it will help out as you ‘eye’ and draw the curved lines that form the perimeter of the foot. Again, feel free to change up the size and shape as you like.

Anything else? Well, some color will do nicely I’m sure. Do this and you’re all done. Nice work! 🙂