How to Draw a Cartoon Strawberry

Cartoon strawberry drawing

Here, let’s draw a simple, seedy cartoon strawberry. About a centerline – similar to the shape of a heart… I made this lesson especially easy for you. Have fun with it – and of course… see if you can change yours up.

To the drawing board…

First Step – Here’s the Structure for Your Strawberry

About a centerline, an oval is a good starting point – from which to put into place – the upper portion of the fruit. A circle would work too – but really… the oval helps to show the width of the upper part in relation to the tapering lower part.

Again – just like a heart!

Drawing a framework for a strawberry Drawing a circle for a strawberry framework

Nice and easy – that’s all there is to it so far. Feel free to add some more details/planning here… might help you in the drawing part.

Line time!

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Strawberry

Helping to establish a ‘bit’ of a 3D effect… it’s a good idea to plan before you draw. For example, here in this lesson… you can see that the first leaf comes before the body of the fruit. In this way – yes – it’s got some depth to it!

Here are the steps…

Drawing the leaf of the cartoon strawberry Drawing the shape of the cartoon strawberry Drawing more leaves for the cartoon strawberry Drawing more leaves and seeds for the cartoon strawberry Black and white drawing of a cartoon strawberry Drawing of a cartoon strawberry

Amazingly – whenever we have lessons easy like this one – they often result in only six simple steps. It’s not even planned this way… just how it works out!

Given the simplicity in number of steps here – it becomes clear why some of the more advanced lessons on the site (dragons!) – require many more. But really, it’s all about taking as many as necessary – to best illustrate the process to you, the drawer.

Til the next lesson! 🙂