How to Draw Cartoon Sunglasses

Cartoon sunglasses drawing

Drawing a cool-looking pair of cartoon sunglasses – a ‘Ray Ban’ sort of look – like the ones you see above… is easy if we first take into account, angle and structure. Actually, this lesson is a tad more advanced as I’ve gone for the 3/4 angle + tilt.

Anyway – use the steps here, and during the process… see what sort of neat spin you can put on it. Color, shape, style… etc.!

First Step – At an Angle… Here’s How We Can Approach It…

Drawn at an angle, this lesson is again – a bit more difficult. Still, in tackling this one – when it comes time to draw a pair as observed ‘straight on’… it’ll be that much easier to make happen.

Here’s how I went about it…

Positioning the cartoon sunglasses
Drawing the sunglasses at an angle
Drawing the sides of the sunglasses

Angle and tilt taken into account – see how the left triangle is smaller – and even – squished! You’ll see this when I draw faces at 3/4 angles too. You might not notice it, but truly – making the eye that’s furthest away from the viewer, a bit smaller… helps to convey that YES – this character IS turned slightly to the right or left. Got it!? 🙂

To the steps!

Second Step – How to Draw Cartoon Sunglasses

The lenses are by far the trickiest part. Getting the shape down on the right side (your right) is easy. BUT – trying to match up the other side isn’t so easy. It might take you a few tries.

You’ll be able to better appreciate now – the simplicity in drawing them ‘straight on’. Keep trying though until you get a shape you like. Then – move forward.

Like so…

Drawing the lenses of the cartoon sunglasses
Drawing the connecting part of the sunglasses
Drawing the nose rests of the sunglasses
Drawing the sides of the cartoon sunglasses
Black and white drawing of sunglasses
Drawing of cartoon sunglasses

Looking pretty stylish! The end result is actually pretty cool. The only thing I could have put a but more effort into – is the parts that go around the ears. Experiment with different styles and looks – and for sure… you’ll have something you like in no time.

And there you have it.