How to Draw a Cartoon Superheroes

Cartoon superheroes drawing

Cartoon superheroes! Easily one of the most popular – and most fun!… things to draw there is.

Inspired by favorite comic books and movies, sketching your favorite hero or villain is a great way to practice your drawing skills.

In this lesson – to help you develop your very own unique characters, I designed the four that you see to the right – each one with their own super powers.

There’s ‘The Human Boulder‘ on the far left, ‘The Rhinoceros Beetle‘ in the back-middle, ‘Magma Girl‘ on the far right… and ‘Thermo Kid‘ in the very front. I have to say… naming your heroes along with assigning them their powers is probably the most fun part of this lesson. But of course – in order to do that… first you’ve got to draw them!

As you make your way along, do your best to structure each of your characters according to the unique name and skills you plan to give them. It’s a great test for the imagination. 🙂

Let’s draw some cartoon superheroes!…

Framework for drawing cartoon superheroes

First Step – Super Stick People!

Time and time again, beginning your drawings with some sort of structural guideline (a framework), really is a big help.

You could say – establishing and maintaining proportion is ‘half the battle’. But true or not, in this lesson it’ll help a lot as I’m sure – much of your energy will be spent thinking about the unique looks you plan on giving your characters.

And when proportion is less of a concern, focusing on details and other creative aspects is a lot more enjoyable.

So then, go ahead and draw some simple stick person frameworks. One, two, three, four – it all depends on how many superheroes you’re going to draw!

All drawn? Great! Let’s continue…

Second Step – Draw the Faces and Heads of Your Cartoon Heroes

Alright, now it’s time to do some drawing! And of course, a great place to start is with the faces and heads of your cartoon superheroes.

Before you begin, make sure you’ve got a decent idea of the route you intend to go with each of your characters. For example, I planned to have four characters from the get-go… an average-sized man (The Boulder), an average-sized woman (Magma), a child (Thermo), and one ‘hulk-like’ character… the Rhino Beetle.

Depending on the type of cartoon character(s) you’re drawing – his or her features from head to toe will most certainly differ. Here, I’ve included four fairly different ‘models’. And this I think, will help you with the specific route you intend to go.

OK – begin then with the faces or your superheroes. Use the crosses to help you keep things aligned…

Drawing the faces of four cartoon superheroes Continuing drawing the faces of the cartoon heroes

Once you’ve drawn their faces, go ahead and sketch in the rest of their heads. Keep in mind though – depending on how your character looks… you may want to omit certain portions at this stage. For example, I didn’t draw the rock on Boulder’s head just yet, nor did I draw the left side of Magma’s hair, as it’s going to fall behind her back – obstructed by her shoulder.

OK got the, faces, heads, glasses, masks, horns, hats, hair… etc. all drawn? Very nice… let’s keep going…

Third Step – Give Your Superheroes Symbols and Torsos

The torso of each of your cartoon superheroes is fairly simple to draw. In most cases, it’ll all come down to a few simple curved lines. Of course, before you do this – and depending on whether or not your hero will have one… you’ll want to draw your hero’s trademark emblem on their chest.

If you wish to omit the emblem for now. Do so. If you’d rather draw it somewhere else… do so in sequence with the rest of the lesson. Just be sure you draw it before the parts around and under it.

Drawing the chest symbols on the cartoon superheroes Drawing the torsos of the cartoon superheroes

A simple way to go about the first part of each character’s symbol, is to sketch in a simple circle or oval, marking off its position. Then, at the very end – you can come back to it. At this point, you’ll probably have a better idea what their symbols will look like.

Something to note… if your cartoon superheroes are going to have capes, now’s a good time to sketch in the area where it wraps around the shoulders – just like I did with The Human Boulder.

Moving on!

Fourth Step – Give Your Superheroes Arms and Hands

As for your character’s limbs, draw them either muscular (Boulder and Rhino) or slim (Magma and Thermo). Sure – there are other things to account for, but keeping things nice and simple – draw either with or without muscles. Use the images below to help you draw the arms of your character(s)…

Drawing the arms of the cartoon superheroes Drawing the hands of the cartoon superheroes

As for the hands – or gloves in the case of Thermo Kid… it’s a good idea to use simple shapes to help you practice drawing them off to the side. For example, in the Cartoon Chef lesson, we use a circle for the core part of the hand, and simple lines sticking out for the digits. You can manipulate these shapes in a number of different ways to help achieve the position you’re looking for.

Once you’ve got the arms and hands of your cartoon superheroes drawn – let’s move on to the second-last step…

Fifth Step – Drawing the Waist Area of Your Superheroes

Typically, superheroes usually wear some sort of belt, and on it – another symbol.

So, in the case of each of your characters – if they’re actually wearing one… go ahead and draw a circle/oval, followed by some simple lines to form a belt

Drawing the belts of the cartoon heroes Drawing the pelvic areas of the cartoon heroes

As for the groin area of your superheroes – drawing it is really quite simple. An easy way to go about it – is this: If your hero’s wearing ‘Superman-style’ pants, then draw it like I did with Boulder and Thermo. If not, a simple curved line will do – just like with Rhino and Magma.

Alright… after you’ve completed this phase of the lesson – keep going by drawing your character’s legs, and finally — the details!

Final Step – Finish Your Cartoon Superheroes With Unique Details

As mentioned above, keep right on going until you’ve drawn the legs of each of your characters. Notice the difference in the boots between Magma & Thermo… and Boulder & Rhino.

Drawing of cartoon superheroes

And after this… the best part of the lesson begins!

There are many different things you can do to really make your cartoon superheroes STAND OUT. A simple line or two here and there really does wonders.

For ideas, have a look at the final image to the right. Notice the patterns of simple lines on each of their costumes. Do this with your characters — mix it up to see what kind of unique styles you can create on your own.

And finally, aside from coloring your finished cartoon superheroes… sketch in any remaining details that tells the observer what it is that makes them so SUPER!

And that’s it. Hope you enjoyed this lesson, and best of luck as you continue to create your very own cartoon superheroes!