How to Draw a Cartoon Sushi

Cartoon sushi drawing

Raw fish… yum! In creating this cartoon sushi lesson, I thought – why not two pieces instead of one? After all, there are indeed many different kinds.

Over to the right, any idea what kinds you’re looking at? Well, the on the right is actually called ikura – Japanese for ‘salmon roe’ – roe being of course, eggs. The one on the left is plain old salmon, or in Japanese… ‘sake‘.

The white stripes on the salmon should actually be a bit thinner than this. The thicker stripes do a good job though of giving off that ‘extra cartoony’ look.

Let’s draw!

First Step – Begin by Drawing the Ikura

To start off your cartoon sushi, begin with a simple oval. This’ll help to keep the ovular shape of your first piece of sushi in place. One you’ve got your oval drawn, go ahead and sketch in a series of small little balls.

Just like this…

Drawing an oval for the top of the ikura sushi Drawing the fish eggs for the sushi Drawing the seaweed for the sushi

The lower part of the ikura consists of rice wrapped in a strip of dried seaweed. Three lines – two vertical and one curved, is all it takes to draw it.

All done the ikura? Great… let’s keep moving…

And Then… Draw the Salmon Alongside the Fish Eggs

Well, I’d say this sushi’s looking pretty nice up to this point. For the second piece – the sake — again, it consists of two distinct parts. Up top you’ve got the fish. And down below is the rice on which it lays.

Starting with a simple curved line, marking the path of which the fish lays over and across the rice, here’s how to draw the sake…

Drawing the salmon beside the ikura Completing the salmon part of the sushi

Drawing of cartoon sushi

Once you’ve got a nice curvy piece of fish drawn, all that’s left is the rice below. A series of randomly occurring cloud-like lines do a nice job of creating a ‘rice effect’.

Now, both of these pieces of sushi are extremely brightly colored. So, grab an orange pencil crayon as well as a red one – and give your raw fish some color!

And that’s how to draw sushi. 🙂