How to Draw a Cartoon Swan

Cartoon Swan

Similar to the duck from before, drawing a cartoon swan like the one you see above – follows a very simple plan of action. A circle, and oval – and then – take if from there! Notice how the face of this bird is drawn in such a way that the animal takes on a whole new ‘character’ of its own.

See what sort of ‘look’ you can come up with!

First Step – The Structure of Your Bird – Similar to the Duck…

Space the small circle for the head – a bit further up than you would for say – a duck. One a swan’s most distinct features is its long, slender curving neck. It’s one of the reasons we often view this animal as being ‘graceful’.

Here’s the guideline…

Cartoon Swan First Step Cartoon Swan First Step

One thing I love about drawing birds – are the subtle details that can be added in order to bring forth the desired look. For example (and similar to fish with their scales) – birds have lots of feathers. BUT – when drawing cartoons, you can bring out the ‘idea of feathers’ with only a few simple lines.

OK – drawing time!

Second Step – Draw Your Swan

Beginning with the head – really, where else would we begin! – go ahead and bring forth a unique look for your bird. Looking at a reference photo, you’ll see that these birds have a unique black and orange pattern in and around their beaks. I’ve altered and simplified this to come up with the look you see below.

Here goes…

Cartoon Swan Second Step Cartoon Swan Second Step Cartoon Swan Second Step Cartoon Swan Second Step Cartoon Swan Second Step Cartoon Swan Second Step Cartoon Swan Second Step

So… is this how you pictured a swan to look? Yes! No? Well – either way – when it comes to drawing simple cartoons like this one, the real beauty is that you can experiment with all sorts of different looks. There’s absolutely NO END to the number of possibilities that await.

Another lesson under your belt — stay tuned for more! 🙂