How to Draw a Cartoon Toucan

Cartoon toucan drawing

Easily one of my favorite birds – to draw as well, this cartoon toucan is simple enough that anyone can draw it. The form is quite similar to other birds you’ve already tackled here on the site.

Note the colorful (and unique!) pattern – seen in its beak. This isn’t EXACT as to how a real one would look. And all the better! See what kind of cool design and color combo you can come up with – for your own unique version of this bird.

Here we go!

First Step – Shapes that Make Up a Toucan

With this bird – having a large beak and all… a large triangle will help to position it before you actually begin drawing. Another triangle will help to position the tail as well. Here’s a simple structure for this bird…

Framework for drawing a cartoon toucan Drawing a cartoon toucan framework

Pretty straight-forward right? Remember – only use this if it helps. Drawing can be a lot more fun – especially if you’re just starting out – when you get to spend more time on the creative aspect – and less time on getting that structure ‘just right’. And be sure to keep those lines nice and light!

Moving on to the drawing part…

Second Step – How to Draw a Cartoon Toucan

One thing that may JUMP OUT at you – as you begin to draw this bird… is the positioning of its eye. Right away – you *might* notice… I’ve got them ‘raised’ above its head slightly.

In reality, the eyes sit directly opposite one another – on the side of its head. BUT! This is just a simple cartoon representation. I like to change things around according to the particular look I’m going for. And for you… do the same!

Bringing your bird to life…

Drawing the eye and beak of a cartoon toucan Completing the beak of the cartoon toucan Drawing the wing of the cartoon toucan Drawing the eye and foot of the cartoon toucan Drawing the breast of the cartoon toucan Drawing the other foot of the cartoon toucan Drawing the branch of the cartoon toucan Drawing the tail of the cartoon toucan Black and white drawing of a cartoon toucan Drawing of a cartoon toucan


Absolutely stunning with the colors!

Side by side – I always find it neat to be able to compare the ‘before and after’ with respect to coloring. Makes all the difference in the world.

Well – what more can we say… err – draw!… you can now draw a toucan, straight out of the rainforests of Costa Rica! 🙂