How to Draw Cartoon Trees

Cartoon trees drawing

Drawing cartoon trees is really REALLY easy!

Take a look at any deciduous tree, and in most cases – you’re going to see the exact same pattern – a shape on top and a shape on the bottom.

And depending on the specific kind of tree it is, the top shape will vary… but usually it’s circular or ovular in nature. And that’s how we’re going to draw the tree in this lesson.

Looking to the right, you can see how the top part of the tree is really just one big circle. This is how a big maple or willow looks. In your case, feel free to play around with the size and shape of yours. See what sort of unique-looking tree you can come up with.

Now, let’s get going with this rather short – but effective – lesson…

The Lesson – Drawing a Tree in Four Simple Steps!

With respect to drawing, we can simplify a tree into two basic parts – the leaves and the trunk. And so, it makes sense to take this into account when coming up with a simple ‘tree-like’ framework. To begin then, draw two simple shapes to form the core parts of your tree – a circle up top… and a rectangle down below.

Here’s how the tree takes shape once you’ve got your framework in place…

Drawing a circle and rectangle for cartoon trees Drawing the tops of cartoon trees Drawing grass below the tree Drawing the trunk of the cartoon tree

With the leaves – there’s really no ‘right way’ to draw them. In my case, I made use of the circle to guide me along, creating sort of a ‘cloud-like‘ top. This is an easy method for creating cartoon trees and I recommend you try it.

After the top’s in place, move down to the bottom and draw some ‘spikes‘ for grass. Then, draw in the trunk as it appears between the two.

Quick and easy, that’s how to draw a simple tree!