How to Draw a Cartoon Turkey

Cartoon turkey drawing

Drawing a cartoon turkey is fairly easy to do. And here, I’d like to show you why this is true!

Take a look at the finished drawing on the right. See how everything is nice and symmetrical? Well, this factor plays a large role in why drawing a turkey is as simple as it is.

Have a closer look. Can you see the circles? If so… how many? Basically, this drawing can be broken into three main parts… the head (circle number one), the body below (circle number two), and the feathers or ‘tail fan’ behind it (circle number three).

Everything else – each and every detail, comes together in and around each of these three circles that compose the drawing.

Alright, enough explanation… let’s get going with this turkey!

Framework for drawing a cartoon turkey

First Step – A Framework for the Main Part of the Bird

Again, it all comes down to circles. Here though, we’ll save the final – and biggest circle, for last.

To start, draw a simple vertical line on the page in front of you. This is your ‘centerline’ and will surely help you a great deal in balancing the left and right sides of the drawing.

Next, draw two circles, one above the other. The smaller circle on top is the head of your cartoon turkey… the larger one down below – the body.

Finally, to complete the framework for the main part of the turkey, go ahead and sketch in a couple lines at the bottom of the largest circle. These serve as a guideline from which to draw the legs and feet.

Again, we’ll save the third circle for the end – when it’s time to draw the tail fan… large feathers that ‘fan out‘ behind and away from the body of your cartoon turkey.

Let’s continue…

Second Step – Give Your Cartoon Turkey a Face — and then a Head

In drawing the face and head of your turkey, there a few key details you should definitely think about adding: the snood, wattle, and caruncle. But before that, go ahead and give your turkey a face – eyes and a bill…

Drawing the eyes and beak of a cartoon turkey Drawing the head of a cartoon turkey

With the simple parts of the face in place, now you can draw the three parts mentioned above. First up – the snood. Normally, it’s a long flap of skin hanging over the bill. Here, I’ve just drawn it as a simple bump on top of the bill. After that – draw the wattle… just like a chicken, turkeys have a long flap of skin hanging below their bill. Finally, add a few bumps on the head (the caruncle) if you like.

Alright… starting to really look like a turkey now! Let’s keep moving…

Third Step – Give Your Cartoon Turkey a Simple Body

For the body of your turkey, there’s no need to make things complicated. Simply make use of the circle to bring the shape and form of the body into view. As you can see below, the underside takes the actual shape of the bottom of the circle. Then, for the wings… you can cut in from the circle, just as I’ve done below…

Drawing the lower body of a cartoon turkey Drawing the body and wings of a cartoon turkey Drawing the feet of a cartoon turkey

Next up — the legs. Well, this is actually very straight-forward. Use the vertical lines to guide you along – one leg on each side. For the toes, three will do just fine.

So how’s your turkey looking up til now? Probably more like a chicken without the tail fan! Let’s draw it in…

Final Step – Draw a Tail fan for Your Cartoon Turkey

Alright… here’s where that third (and largest) circle comes into play. Lightly sketch a large circle (one you can erase later)… that surrounds the body of your cartoon turkey. I recommend using a compass — position the center point at the bottom of the wattle.

Colored for easy viewing, here’s how I mapped out the tail fan of my cartoon turkey. Do something similar – but remember… keep those lines nice and light!

Positioning the tail feathers of the cartoon turkey Planning the tail feathers for the cartoon turkey

And now, with your guideline firmly in place – drawing the actual feathers that compose the tail fan is a snap!

Drawing the outer tail feathers of the cartoon turkey Drawing of a cartoon turkey

Details and all, this turkey finishes up quite nicely! And by making use of a three-circle framework, along with a centerline – maintaining symmetry and proportion is all the more doable.

And so, there it is… you’re done! Now, how about getting out those pencil crayons and turning this drawing into a decoration!