How to Draw a Cartoon UFO

Cartoon ufo drawing

Drawing a cartoon ufo like this, is one of the easiest things there is to draw. Not only is it symmetrical and composed of a some very basic shape arrangements – but also… you can mix and match shapes to come up with an infinite number of different looks.


Because it’s a ‘U.F.O.’ of course – an unidentified flying object! While there’s much speculation regarding the existence of aliens and flying saucers – there’s nothing that says one of these vehicles MUST look a specific way.

The sky’s the limit!

First Step – Try this to Develop Your Structure

About a cross, go ahead and map out the structure of your vehicle – similar to how I’ve done it here. A simple diamond-like shape will help to establish the symmetry about the center – and the shape of your craft ahead of time.

Like so…

A cross for drawing a cartoon ufo
A diamond for drawing a cartoon ufo framework

You could also stack the individual shapes which compose the various parts of your craft – vertically. For example, a rectangle in the middle, a half circle below, and perhaps another rectangle and half circle on top.

This done, let’s draw!

Second Step – Draw a UFO that’s REALLY! Never Been Seen!

OK. Now’s the time to see just how creative you can get with this unidentified vehicle. Introduce a few twists and turns as you progress – things like lights, antennae, wheels, laserbeams!, etc. — see how neat you can make yours.

Step by step – here it is…

Drawing the base of the cartoon ufo
Drawing the center part of the cartoon ufo
Drawing the dome of the cartoon ufo
Connecting the top part of the cartoon ufo
Adding circle details to the cartoon ufo
Black and white drawing of a cartoon ufo
Drawing of a cartoon ufo

The top portion of the vehicle – originally taking the shape of a simple half circle — made the perfect cockpit for an alien being like the one you see above. This, and a dash of color, and our ufo drawings are ready to hover off into the sky!

Nice work!