How to Draw a Cartoon Vulture

Cartoon vulture image

In this bird-oriented lesson – drawing a cartoon vulture, see if you can come up with something totally similar to this bird, yet at the same time – different in your own way.

For the one you see above, I used strictly my imagination to compose this look. For sure – a reference image is helpful to get those key features down. Buy you’ll be surprised with how ‘vulturish’ you can make your drawing – simply from memory.

Time to draw!

Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Vulture

Beginning with a framework – use a circle and an oval to bring the core structure of your bird into view. You’ll notice if you’ve tackled other bird lessons here on the site, I use a similar approach to most of them.

Really, the key is in the features which distinguish from bird to bird – rather than the general shape…

Cartoon vulture framework

These lines will help you map out beak, wing and tail…

Creating a cartoon vulture framework

Alright – to the drawing now. As you can see below – the beak fits nicely just under the cross – centralizing the sphere/circle that becomes its head…

Drawing the beak of a cartoon vulture

And then slowly bringing the shape (and odd shape at that!) of the vulture’s head into view – here’s what we’ve got. Add the pupils too if you like…

Drawing the head of a cartoon vulture

Different from an eagle or hawk, these birds are basically bald up top. And like a ring around the base of there neck – there’s a circle of feathers like so

Drawing the neck of a cartoon vulture

Bringing the body of your bird into view now…

Drawing the body and wing of a cartoon vulture

And continue on by sketching in the other parts – bringing the tail and feet into view. As always – experiment with different looks. More toes… more feathers, a bigger wing… which ever!

Drawing the feet and tail of a cartoon vulture

Nice – I’m really liking this bird with a mean sort of look… suits the character of it I think. How about yours – nice? mean? neutral???

Black and white drawing of a cartoon vulture

But of course – the color says it all. The bright reddish orange here really gives it a cool look…

Cartoon drawing of a vulture

Touch up your drawing – details, some more color, etc… and you’re all finished! Hope you had fun with the lesson. More on the way! 🙂