How to Draw a Cartoon Watermelon

Cartoon watermelon drawing

In this lesson, drawing a cartoon watermelon – let’s take a look at a more complicated approach… drawing an actual slice as you would eat it — similar to how we drew the orange from before.

Looking at the above image, any idea what sort of shape is best to use in our approach? Half a circle… exactly.

Here goes!

First Step – Half a Circle = Half a Watermelon… Sort of!

Drawing this fruit as a slice instead of a whole, is a lot more fun in my opinion. Not only is it easy to create – but also, you can have some fun placing the seeds when you’re all finished, as well as coloring it pinkish red and green.

Here’s the structure – symmetrically mapped out…

Drawing a cross for a cartoon watermelon framework
Drawing two arcs for creating a cartoon watermelon

Really – all we’ve got here is two arcs. And yes, each one is half a circle. If you’re using a compass, just position the point at the center of the cross, and change the radius ever so slightly to arrive at the desired image ahead of time.

Now for the lines!

Second Step – Very Simple! Very Easy!

Our outline for this fruit then, with the help of a blueprint if you chose to go about it this way — is again, a half circle. With the structure in place though, drawing the inner arc, separating the fruit from the rhine – is much easier to do.

Here’s one way to go about it…

Drawing half a circle for creating cartoon watermelon
Drawing another arc for a cartoon watermelon
Black and white cartoon watermelon drawing
Drawing of a cartoon watermelon slice

And sure – having mastered the half circle version, depicting the obviousspherical nature of the fruit, you can then move on to some other shapes and colors if you like. Ever here about those ‘Box-Shaped Watermelons’!? Or how about a yellow center instead of pinkish-red! Seedless?

See you next time! 🙂