How to Draw a Cartoon Whale

Cartoon whale drawing

Here, let’s try our hand at drawing a simple little cartoon whale – compact in nature – such that its body is much shorter than you’d expect. All part of ‘cartoonifying’ our drawings for that unique look! 🙂

Let’s draw!

First Step – Draw a Simple Framework

OK. Let’s begin our lesson with a simple framework of basic shapes. In this case, a circle for its head – and four triangles for its fins. A cross over the circle will help you to map out the face of the animal.

Here’s how it looks…

Drawing a framework for a cartoon whale Completed framework for a cartoon whale character

Always remember… this part of the lesson involves keeping your lines nice and light! They’re only meant to be guidelines and when you’re done the lesson – you can easily erase them.

OK. Now let’s draw this cartoon whale…

Second Step – Draw Your Whale

Beginning with the eye of your animal, sketch your animal using the steps below to help you along. If you like, you can make the green portion – the body – a bit longer. If you choose to do so though – I recommend you make the tail fins a tad bigger to match.

And here’s how it looks…

Drawing the eye and fin of the cartoon whale Drawing the body of the cartoon whale Drawing the underside of the cartoon whale Drawing the other fin of the whale cartoon Completing the details of the cartoon whale Drawing underbelly lines on the cartoon whale Black and white drawing of a cartoon whale Drawing of a cartoon whale

In the end – I’d like to think this whale is sort of cute. But really, it looks almost ‘stunned’. Hmmm… maybe you can change this in yours. I’m thinking it’ll look neat if you add a couple eyelids – have them slanting inwards… see how it looks!

Well, that’s all there is to this lesson. Hope you had some fun! 🙂