How to Draw a Cartoon Witch

Cartoon witch drawing

With this cartoon witch drawing lesson, simplicity is of the essence!

It’s important to understand when drawing, that simple shapes, and the way they are arranged – is key in manifesting the desired image.

A quick look at the image to right and BAM — it’s a witch! Right away, you can see this. But why? Again, it’s due to a simple arrangement of shapes (and lines!) coming together to become something more specific and recognizable.

Still, it’s not to say that there is only ‘one simple arrangement’ for each thing you want to create. It is however true that within a certain range – shapes can be arranged to trigger a ‘recognizing response’. Triangle? Pyramid! Rectangle? Building! Like that… 🙂

Now, with that said – let’s exemplify this very point by creating a simple cartoon witch!

First Step – Sketch a Framework

Before you begin drawing your witch, it first helps to first picture the stance you intend to draw her in. Most definitely – the classic ‘riding on a broom in front of a moon’ is a popular way to go. And as you can tell from the drawing up top, that’s the route I’m going to go here.

The broom is the simplest part of the drawing to map out as all it is – is a line. So, begin by drawing it…

Drawing a line for the cartoon witch broom Using simple triangles to position the cartoon witch

Once the broom line is in place, draw some simple shapes – arranged accordingly – to bring the position and stance of your witch into view. A triangle for her black dress, and another for her pointed black hat – will do the job quite nicely.

Got your shapes arranged and drawn? Great… let’s continue!

Second Step – Sketch in the Head of Your Cartoon Witch

Using the top triangle as your reference point, design a unique hat for your witch. Draw yours to be bigger, smaller, longer shorter… less curved… it’s completely up to you! Then, give her some hair and an ultra-simple face with emphasis on her long pointed nose.

Just like this…

Drawing the hat of the cartoon witch Drawing the hair of the cartoon witch Drawing the face of the cartoon witch

With her head in place, continue on down the drawing to the next part – drawing her dress, hand, foot, and finally… the broom on which she sits…

Final Step – Finish Off Your Witch

Working counter-clockwise to start, go ahead and draw the sleeve, followed by the rest of the dress of your cartoon witch. Then, counter-clockwise again… draw in her hand, followed by a pointy witch-like boot!

Like so…

Drawing the sleeve of the cartoon witch Drawing the body of the cartoon witch Drawing the main part of the cartoon witch Drawing of a cartoon witch

The very last thing to do, is draw in the broom. This part’s especially easy as all you’re doing is following along the original line you began with. For the bristles at the end (the part you sweep with) have some fun, designing it however you like. Make the bristles long and plentiful, or short and few. It’s up to you!

And well, that’s it! That’s how to draw a simple cartoon witch.