How to Draw Cartoon Witches

Cartoon witches drawing

Drawing cartoon witches is tons of fun – especially near Halloween – and especially because they can look a number of different ways.

Traditionally though – there are key elements that once included in your drawing – make it all the more ‘witch-like’. Things like – a pointy hat, a cloak, a broom – and maybe even a cauldron. A long nose and chin also help to make your drawing all the more convincing.

OK – let’s create!

First Step – Sketch out the Structure of Your Cartoon Witch

Here, the form of the body – although important when drawing people – can be skipped over somewhat, as really – the cloak will take up much of this area. To account for this, I’ve shown a simple grey curved line – illustrating both her hunch-like stature, and the angle of her stance.

Draw yours similar to this…

Framework for drawing cartoon witches Drawing the framework of a cartoon witch Adding details to the witch framework Adding final details to the cartoon witch framework

Key elements like the nose, hat, broom, etc. – as you can see… I’ve included with different colors. In your case, sketch this entire plan out in very light penciled lines.

So – how’s your framework coming along then? All done? Great! Let’s continue…

Second Step – Draw Your Character

Beginning with those areas best tackled first – sketch your witch step by step, using the examples below to help you progress. Remember – there’s never a time when you needn’t ‘branch off’ and incorporate ideas of your own. Do so – whenever and wherever – you can!

The steps…

Drawing the eye and nose of the cartoon witch Drawing the brim of the witches hat Drawing the head of the cartoon witch Drawing the chin and hair of the cartoon witch Drawing the hat of the cartoon witch Drawing the witch's hands Drawing the sleeve and cauldren handle Drawing the witch's body Drawing the broom of the witch Drawing the witch's broom handle Completing the body of the cartoon witch Finalizing the cartoon witch drawing Black and white drawing of a cartoon witch Drawing of a cartoon witch

Pretty cool once the coloring’s done isn’t it! I especially like the pink ‘goop!’ that can be seen inside (and dripping out of) her cauldron.I wonder what she could be cooking!? 🙂

Well – there’s another Halloweenish drawing under your belt. Fun stuff – stay tuned for more.