How to Draw a Cartoon Wizard

Cartoon wizard drawing

Creating a cartoon wizard like the one in this lesson is involves a rather unique approach. The entire drawing is resultant of a simple five-triangle arrangement.

Take a look at the image to your right. Can you see five distinct triangles?

There’s his hat and his beard. And then you’ve got another three triangles that make up the sleeves and lower part of his cloak. If you can’t see them, it’ll all become quite clear soon enough.

Oh, and just in case you might be wondering… I purposely left out this wizard’s magic wand. Why? Well, I thought you’d be able to conjure one of on your own. You can have him either waving the wand about, or have it planted firmly on the ground as a staff.

OK, let the magic happen!

First Step – A Five-Triangle Wizard Framework

As mentioned above, the wizard you’re drawing is actually composed of five simple triangles. Arranged equally and symmetrically, this unique framework makes for a drawing lesson that’s all the more simple!

Using a pencil, and keeping your lines nice and light… go ahead and recreate a similar version of the following arrangement of triangles…

Two triangles for drawing a cartoon wizard Drawing two more triangles for a cartoon wizard A cartoon wizard framework composed of four triangles

All finished? Good stuff. Now, I’m wondering… while putting these shapes together – did you come up with any neat wizard drawing ideas of your own? I encourage you to deviate from the guidelines shown in this lesson anyway you choose. After all… the real magic with respect to drawing, comes when you just ‘let go’ and let your imagination run wild! 🙂

Now, let’s get going with the actual drawing part…

Second Step – Triangle By Triangle, Draw Your Cartoon Wizard

Beginning with the hat, use the triangles in your framework to guide through, one step at a time. Finishing the head area first makes drawing the rest of the wizard a whole lot easier. It helps to view the head as being the first thing the observer would see – when looking at the wizard straight on.

Here’s how it takes shape…

Drawing the hat and beard of the cartoon wizard Drawing the face of the cartoon wizard Drawing the body of the cartoon wizard

Using this triangle arrangement actually makes drawing this wizard a lot of fun. Each shape marks a reference point from which you can play off of, as you slowly bring your wizard into view.

On to the final step…

Drawing of a cartoon wizard

Final Step – Complete Your Cartoon Wizard

When all is said and drawn, you’ve got a neat-looking cartoon wizard – one created out of a simple arrangement on triangles.

In this last phase of this lesson, go ahead and sketch in some details. For the hands, I left them open – appearing to be casting some sort of spell. In your case, you may want to draw a wand or staff. If so, you’ll need to change the position of the hands accordingly.

As a final touch, it’s always nice to add some color. A navy blue cloak is quite wizard-like, as is a thick grey beard. Oh – and don’t forget to give his cloak a neat-looking pattern. Stars or moons is always a winner.

And that’s all… congrats on a job well done!