How to Draw a Cartoon Woman

Cartoon woman drawing

Distinct differences certainly do exist between a cartoon woman and man. Still, it all comes down to some basic concepts… so before you begin, give some thought to how you want your woman to look…

You can use the same framework to draw a woman or man of similar size. It’s the shape and detail that sets the two apart.

It’s true — woman are usually more ‘curvy’ in comparison to men. Take this into account when shaping your cartoon woman.

There are simple details that once added, may better define your person as a woman. Consider ones to include.

OK, so there are some things to perhaps think about before you dive into this drawing lesson. As you can see on the right, I drew a tall, slender woman wearing some fairly simple-to-draw clothes.

In your case, it’s important to remember that this is an opportunity for you to use your own creative ideas. So, try not to rely completely on the examples here in this lesson. Instead, use them to guide you along as you come up with your own unique cartoon woman! Let’s begin…

Framework for drawing a cartoon woman

First Step – Structure & Shape

With a stick person for a framework – aiding in keeping proportion in your drawing, giving your woman shape should be a relatively easy task.

Even so, you’ve got to keep in mind that there are some subtle differences that you’ll want to include. For example, woman have breasts and so it’s a good idea to include the curves that define them in the torso area.

The shape defined to your left is actually very similar to the one in the Introduction, previous to this lesson.

When you’re all set, go ahead and map out the curvy lines that ultimately give your cartoon woman her shape. Oh, and something you may want to think about

Use the centerline of your stick person framework as a tool to keep symmetry in your drawing. Often, proportion and symmetry – when maintained, can make the drawing process more enjoyable as you can spend more time and energy focusing on the important details.

And so, is everything looking good? Alright then, let’s move on to the next step – drawing your cartoon woman!…

Next Step – Draw Your Cartoon Woman

Well, time to ‘let go’ and get creative! You’ve now got a nice-looking base from which to draw or even ‘design‘ your own unique woman drawing. How you do so is completely up to you, but I do recommend you follow along below – using the examples to guide you.

And here they are…

Drawing the head of a cartoon woman Drawing the neck of a cartoon woman Drawing the shirt and arms of a cartoon woman Drawing the legs of a cartoon woman

The easiest way to go about this is to start at the top (the head) and work your way down from there. Use a cross to map out the face of your woman. Begin with the eyes, nose and mouth. Complete the head before you move on down the drawing.

With an infinite number of different ways to go about it, do take your time with your drawing. Think about the different hairstyles, clothing styles, shoes, etc. that you may want to add to give your drawing that ‘extra-special’ look.

When you’re all done, you may want to have a look back and see how you could have drawn your woman a bit differently. The first time through can often serve as a ‘practice run’… and so can the second and third! 😉 The point is, tackle this lesson a few times in a few different ways to maximize your creative potential!

And when you’re ready, continue on with another cartoon people drawing lesson…

If you’d like a bit of refresher before venturing onward, check out the previous lesson, ‘How to Draw People Made Easy!’ beginning with Part One.