How to Draw a Cartoon World

Cartoon world drawing

This’ll be tons of fun. A ‘crazy’ cartoon world – based on a sphere (circle and cross)… and exaggerated to look cartoony and crazy as ever. Of course… you can make yours look all sorts of different ways.

I’ve included a very simple drawing from before – to show you how the land is mapped – ‘somewhat’ in accordance with how it would actually look.

Let’s get to it!

How to Draw a Crazy Cartoon World

Begin with a circle. Use a compass, a can – free hand… whichever. Then, follow it up with a curved cross… this helps to show and appreciate the depth involved ahead of time. This is especially helpful for the placement of the eyes, which once drawn… foreshadows the rest.

The beginning…

Drawing a simple framework for a cartoon world

Big bulging cartoony eyes do the trick. How will yours look? Have some fun here… no need to stick with my style! Change it up!!!

The eyes…

Drawing the eyes of the cartoon world

Contouring out from the framework – give your cartoon world a unique take by exaggerating key facial parts. The cheeks, the eyebrows… see what you can come up with!

Drawing the head and cheeks of the cartoon world

A big grin – and sure, why not!… a huge tongue as well! Now – this is one crazy cartoon! :-).

Taking shape…

Drawing the mouth of the cartoon world

Go in behind to bring out the teeth now. It’s easier because the front-most part… the tongue – is already in place.

Drawing the teeth of the cartoon world

Line work all finished…

Black and white drawing of a cartoon world

And finally – using an earth drawing for a reference… sketch in some lines to depict the continents, as they *might* look – situated in and around the contours of our characters’ big smiling face…

Drawing of a cartoon world

Crazy? Funny!? Whichever… I hope you enjoyed this lesson.