How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra

Cartoon zebra image

Alright, ready to draw a cool-looking cartoon zebra – similar to the one above?

Wonderful… me too!

And yes, I did say "similar" as please remember – while working through this lesson, and any other here on the site… it’s all about tapping into your own unique creative ability and imagination.

Go the distance, branch out, and change things up to make drawings that are your own.

Oh, and speaking of which. This zebra cartoon is structured very similar to that of a horse, a cow… or a unicorn!

It won’t take too much to make one of these other animals from this drawing lesson.

And we’re off!

How to Draw a Cartoon Zebra Step by Step

So first thing’s first then – let’s go ahead and get some sort of a framework down, before we go and place our actual lines.

Here below, you can see a variety of simple circles – ones that will eventually take the shape of the head and body of the cartoon zebra.

Know that while lightly sketching your lines out – whether it be with a light blue "Col-Erase", pencil, or even a low opacity setting in the program you’re using…

You don’t have to make actual "circles". Block out the shapes however you like. Get a feel for it…

Circles for drawing a cartoon zebra

So next up – I just wanted to place in the back, legs – and also a curving cross to position the way the head is looking, and where to put the cartoon zebra’s eyes, too…

Framework for a cartoon zebra

And then just a few more details to mark off key positions – those like the beginning of the zebra’s mane, the tail, and the shape of the hooves…

A detailed framework for drawing a simple cartoon zebra

Drawing time!

Start off (if you like) – but drawing in some key face details, those like the ear, eye and nostril.

In each case, note how it’s the ones that would appear closest to the observer that we draw first…

Drawing the eye and snout of the cartoon zebra

Next thing then, keep going with the zebra’s head – and also, the upper part of its legs like so…

Drawing the legs and head of the cartoon zebra

Very nice! Looking good.

OK – so now it’s back over to the zebra’s head once again. Sketch in a few more details, just hinting at how the mane will eventually take shape.

Get going with the body too…

Drawing the hair and body of the cartoon zebra

A few more head details, and next – using straight lines to mix things up and create a more appealing design overall…

Draw a couple lines for the back of the neck, and yes – the actual back of the zebra.

Go for the hooves and the tail while you’re at it…

Drawing the neck, back and tail of the zebra

Alright, looks like we’re getting closer to being done now.

Finish off the mane of the zebra, and also… draw in the lower legs – again, using some straight lines to mix things up.


Drawing the mane and legs of the cartoon zebra

And finally – just what we’ve been waiting for… STRIPES!

Notice how they curve? Notice how they curve to the shape of the cartoon zebra’s body?

Does it make sense to you, how and why they curve this way? Can you imagine how it would look – if all of these curved lines, were instead – straight?

Being able to eye this sort of thing out – comes with lots of drawing practice. Think about how stripes would look, curving around a sphere (and not a circle).

Apply! 🙂

Drawing the zebra's stripes

Oh nice – now we get to see this drawing of cartoon zebra, in straight up black and white…

Black and white drawing of a zebra

And with a touch of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop…

Cartoon drawing of a zebra


Well, not really. I mean – it’s basically still black and white… but definitely tonal 🙂

And so – that’s all we’ve got for this lesson.

One cool-looking cartoon zebra drawn, and just a few thousand or so more things to draw…

To go!