How to Draw a Cartoon Zombie

Cartoon zombie drawing

No matter what you do to it, this cartoon zombie just keeps on trucking!

Drawing the ‘living dead’ is actually a lot of fun. There’s tons of room for creativity so you really get a chance to let your imagination run wild as there are all sorts of different ways this monster can look.

Zombies of course, are (were!) people. And so, if you can draw cartoon people – then drawing a zombie will be all the more simple. Still, I labeled this lesson ‘Advanced’ as I’ve really gone into great detail with particular parts.

While progressing through the lesson, consider adding your own twists and turns as you come up with your own unique creation. For example, your zombie may take on a different stance. Or, with respect to the damage it’s taken on – you may choose to depict such details in other ways.

Really, there are lots of different methods to go about it. I hope you find this lesson helpful in coming up with one of your own.

Alright then… let’s get drawing this brain eater!…

Framework for drawing a cartoon zombie

First Step – Devise a Crooked Cartoon Zombie Framework

Draw a simple framework of a human to get things started. And yes, a stick person works just fine.

Then, once you’ve got it drawn, sketch it again – but this time, alter the look of the stick person by offsetting its stance.

Zombies are the ‘living dead’. And because they probably don’t feel all the damage they take on while roaming the streets in search of brains, their bodies gradually begin to take on a shape of their own!

The point? Let go, and see if you can come up with a truly odd-looking framework – one that depicts the ‘indestructible’ cartoon zombie we’re about to create!

Second Step – Draw a Frightening Cartoon Zombie Face!

Simply put… zombies are dead! And so, their otherwise normal looking features gradually begin to decay and fall apart. As you draw the face and other parts of your zombie, see if you can distort the features of what would otherwise be a normal-looking human.

In my case, my zombie’s missing a few parts here and there. Also whatever’s causing this reanimated effect (disease, toxin, etc.), can be seen oozing out of the monster in various places. You can see this better up top — it’s all that green stuff!

Drawing the face of a cartoon zombie Drawing the mutilated face of a cartoon zombie Completing the head of the cartoon zombie drawing

Remember, this is your cartoon zombie that you’re creating. You can alter the face in lots of different ways. One eye? No hair? Sharp teeth? Only half a head!! Things falling off!? Get creative and see what you can come up with on your own.

When you’re finished with the head, keep going…

Drawing the neck area of the cartoon zombie

Third Step – Drawing the Neck and Right Arm

Something you probably noticed right away after the last step — this lesson involves drawing in lots of details! Usually, I save details for the end, but in this case – I figured why not. Have some fun, creating and changing your drawing as you go.

As you move on down from the head, draw the neck in a similar fashion. Leave gaps along your original lines. This way, you can go back after to sketch in the details – bone, ooze… something!

Then, once the neck is finished – because of the stance I’ve drawn my cartoon zombie in… it makes sense to move out to the right hand, and then follow it up with the right arm.

Here’s how the hand and arm take shape…

Drawing the hand of the cartoon zombie Drawing the arm of the cartoon zombie Drawing the details of the zombie's arm

If you like, if may be fun to sketch in some brains in your zombie’s right hand. Surely there’s something else that can be added here.

Now, with the right hand and arm in place, let’s continue onward with the torso…

Fourth Step – Draw the Torso of Your Cartoon Zombie

The torso plays out pretty much in the same way as the right arm. Draw an outline first, but as you do so… leave gaps here and there so that after, you can add the details that you want.

Details and all, here’s how mine looks…

Drawing the zombie's torso Completing the zombie's upper body

I ensured that the cartoon zombie’s body matches the framework that I came up with. The curved spine suggests that the torso is actually turning to the left. And so, I drew the lines that compose the torso to illustrate the twisting that’s taking place. See if you can do the same.

OK, I’d say we’re about ready to move on to the last phase!

Final Step – Finish Off Your Cartoon Zombie Drawing

Keeping to the theme of the last two steps – drawing an outline with gaps, and then going back to sketch in the details… go ahead and do the same with the legs, feet – and finally, the left arm.

In six stages, here’s how my cartoon zombie takes form…

Drawing the zombie's legs Continuing with the zombie's legs Drawing the details of the zombie's legs

Drawing more zombie details Zombie cartoon near completion Cartoon drawing of a zombie

Again, you can really see how adding the details along the way (and not saving them until the very end) can be lots of fun. Sometimes it’s a good idea… other times, not so much. But hey, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

As a final touch, I decided to draw an axe – probably wielded by someone trying to escape this monstrous creature! In your case, who knows! Add the finishing touches that you like, and then – give it some color!

There you have it… how to draw an indestructible cartoon zombie!