Cartoon Cherry Blossom drawing

Cherry blossom cartoon image

Up close, the cherry blossom drawing you see above may come off a bit different-looking as we usually better associate and recognize this flower in groups. Here, in a simplified cartoon form, I’ve gone a head and zeroed in on the key parts of one individual flower.

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at how to draw one just like this, and then after – you can create a whole bunch more – as they look really nice in bunches – grouped together on a branch.

On to the lesson!…

Create a Simple Cherry Blossom drawing

In creating a simple cherry blossom flower, it might help you out if you first sketch a simple guideline using light penciled lines. A circle over a star-like pattern works nicely as we can separate the inner parts of the flower from the outer parts.

Here’s how to create your flower, followed by an image of what they might look like – grouped together on a branch…

A circle for drawing a cherry blossom Five spokes for planning a cherry blossom drawing Drawing the inner part of the flower Completing the inner part of the cherry blossom Connecting the inner circles of the cherry blossom Drawing the first petals of the cherry blossom drawing Drawing the petals of the cherry blossom Drawing the additional petals for the cherry blossom Drawing the fourth petal for the cherry blossom Black and white drawing of a cherry blossom

Cartoon cherry blossom drawing

Above, you can see a simple cartoon depiction of blossoms in groups. If you wanted to, you could simplify these flowers even more so, leaving out some of the inner details – as well as the pink veins on the petals. Grouped together – and on a branch like this, it’s very easy for someone to identify what kind of flowers they are.

And that’s all there is to it, that’s how to draw simple cherry blossoms! Hope you enjoyed the lesson. 🙂