Create Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments image

Christmas tree ornaments are one of the most important things to add to a Christmas tree. They come in all different colors, shapes and sizes – and in this lesson, you’ll learn to draw them!

The most simple Christmas tree ornament, when it comes to drawing – is the traditional spherical type. They really are quite easy to draw, a good thing if you’re ‘decorating’ a cartoon Christmas tree. You’ll probably want to draw lots of them, and so keeping it nice and simple helps a lot.

Something else with respect to ornaments… it’s always fun to add your own designs to them. Looking at the example on the right, you can see that I’ve added a bluebird design. Do the same… give each ornament that you draw you’re own personal touch with a unique design or pattern.

Well, how about getting going with this very simple (and very quick) lesson!…

First Step – Decide What Shape Your Tree Ornament Will Be

The first step in drawing Christmas ornaments is to decide upon what shape they’ll be. If you’re going with the spherical look, then sure – a circle will do just fine.

Christmas tree ornaments - a simple circle framework

Keep in mind though, there are many other shapes to consider – it all depends on what it is that you’re going to be drawing. Really, you can turn any drawing into an ornament. All you need to do is draw a hook on the top.

In my case, I’ll stick with the circle for this lesson. And so, let’s continue onward and draw and design a new Christmas tree ornament…

And Then… Add a Rectangle, a Hook, and You’re Done!

Next thing to do – draw a small rectangle (or square) on top of the circle you drew in the first step. Draw it so that it just overlaps the top of the circle.

Christmas tree ornaments - drawing the top and hook

Then, with the rectangle in place – take out your eraser and get rid of the part of the circle that overlaps the rectangle. Do this, and you’re two simple shapes will immediately take the form of an ornament.

Finally, once you’ve got your Christmas tree ornament looking the way you want it to, go ahead and draw a hook coming out the top – just like you see in the example to the right. Nothing fancy… just a simple curved line extending out and away from the rectangle.

Anything else? Nope! You’re done. Unless of course you plan on coloring and decorating your ornament with a unique design like I did in the example up top. Sure, why don’t you… and then, draw some more ornaments and ‘hang’ them on your cartoon Christmas tree!