How to Draw Classic Pacman

Classic Pacman cartoon drawing image

Classic Pacman was/is… yes IS!!! 🙂 – a great game. It’s so simple, yet so much fun to play.

Here, I’d like to use this character in an example for interchanging between a simple 2D side view and a slightly more complex 3D 3/4 tilt. It’s something that once understood, can be applied to all sorts of ‘cartoonish’ situations!

Here goes…

First Step – A Hungry Yellow Circle… er – Sphere!?

Left side – is the 2D version. Right side, shows the difference when we want to bring forth this character as a sphere, the angle tilted slightly to the right (your left) – taking on a 3/4 look.

Like so…

A simple cross to draw a basic Pacman drawing A circle for drawing a 3D Pacman A cirlce for drawing a 2D Pacman A curved cross to help draw a 3D Pacman Marking the mouth area on a 2D Pacman drawing A 3D framework for drawing a Pacman character

So far so good? You can immediately pick up on the difference from left to right. The left is a side view. The right – is 3/4 and 3D, and so… the vertical curve helps to establish depth.

Moving on, left vs. right…

Second Step – How to Draw Classic Pacman – 2D & 3D

Fading out the framework, and focusing now on the lines – let’s now go ahead and bring forth these two variations of the character. And yes – keep things simple. No need to add eyes, etc. — it’s a lesson for comparison sake. But then again, get creative and have fun with it too! 🙂

The steps…

Drawing the mouth of a 2D classic Pacman character Drawing a 3D mouth for a classic Pacman character Completing the 2D classic Pacman drawing Completing the 3D classic Pacman character Classic Pacman cartoon drawing Classic Pacman cartoon image

Pretty simple right? Well, the left side any way. It’s my hope that after going through these steps, you get a better understanding for how curvature plays a role in creating the illusion of the third dimension.

Next up?

How about some pellets and ghosts! 🙂