Cloverfield Monster Movie Drawing Lesson

Cloverfield monster silhouette

So, have you seen it… the new J.J. Abram’s Cloverfield monster movie? If not – click the back button now! After all, I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise for you!

If you couldn’t tell by now, I love drawing monsters. And when I saw Cloverfield for the first time, I was so impressed that when I got home after the movie, I just had to draw the monster!

The Cloverfield monster is extremely unique… more so than in many other monster movies out there. Because of this, it makes it all the more fun to sketch it out on paper!

After drawing the Cloverfield monster out a few times, I decided to create a drawing lesson around it. Keep in mind though, this lesson is advanced in that I leave a lot of speculation to you – the artist. Besides, we really only get to see the creature for about five minutes in total. I’m just going on on what I remember seeing.

Chances are though, what I show you here won’t look as similar to the real one. However, this lesson gives you the unique opportunity to draw it the way you saw it, but with a little extra help! 😉

Framework for drawing the Cloverfield monster

First Step – Map Out the Monster

Our lesson begins with mapping out the Cloverfield monster’s head in relation to the rest of it’s body.

To do this, draw three equally spaced vertical lines on the page in front of you. Make sure you give yourself lots of room.

Then, once you’ve got your lines in place – take a look at the center line. About a third of the way down, draw a small circle for the head of the monster. Be sure to draw a small curved horizontal line to create a cross. This cross will allow you to keep both symmetry and proportion in the Cloverfield monster’s head and facial features as you draw it.

Drawing the head of the Cloverfield monster

Second Step – Draw the Monster’s Head and Face

Before we continue, let me first say one thing. This design I used for the head and faced is more from what I remember. I recommend you draw yours the way you saw it.

Alright, let’s zoom in for a second as we tackle the Cloverfield monster’s head. Using the circle and the cross, carefully sketch an outline for the head. I recommend using a pen as it’s permanent. The guidelines underneath will be erased when you’re all done.

Check out the steps to the right. I’m thinking the top of the head looks about right – same with the eyes… small, black and similar to those of a bug’s.

Moving on to the mouth, I drew two big lower fangs that come up and over the top part of it’s mouth when closed. The Cloverfield monster has lots of other teeth too… just not exactly sure where! Add/subtract/change as you see fit!

Anything else? Ah yes… those wild-looking red amphibian lungs that pulsate on either side of the upper head of the monster. I’d have to say that this feature in particular made the Cloverfield monster extra-special! Draw them smaller or bigger than I did. They were always changing size as the monster breathed.

The bottom line with the head is to keep an open mind and not get too hung up on how the monster actually looks. You’ll begin to see more of a resemblance to the one in the movie as the lesson continues!

Third Step – Big Monster – Big Picture!

Alright, let’s take a look at the big picture for a second. You’ve got the head in place, and it sits nicely between the two other vertical lines that you drew. But what are the lines for exactly?

Well, here’s a comparison of the original three guidelines to a sillouette of the finished product to give you a better idea of how it all comes together in the end…

Using vertical lines to plan out the Cloverfield monster

In the movie, the Cloverfield monster has huge, double-jointed arms. The left and right vertical lines allow you to easily map out each arms as they might be seen if you were to look at the monster straight on… something of course that I wouldn’t wish for anyone! 😉

With this in mind the next step will be to develop the Cloverfield monster’s upper body and the upper parts of it’s arms, connecting the three vertical guidelines.

Fourth Step – The Cloverfield Monster’s Upper Body

Remember Hud? He was the one holding the camera throughout pretty much the entire movie. He (and we) got a really good view of the Cloverfield monster just before he bit the dust.

Unlike the view Hud had, we’re actually looking at the beast head-on. We should be able to see the monster’s big hulking back and shoulders. This is how I visualized it to look anyways.

Alright, starting with the Cloverfiel monster’s back and shoulders, draw some curved lines to bring the upper body into view…

Drawing the head and shoulders of the Cloverfield monster Drawing the arms of the Cloverfield monster Drawing the joints of the Cloverfield monster Completing the joints of the Cloverfield monster

Continue to develop the monster’s upper body. After the back and shoulders, draw in the chest area. Use the center line to keep symmetry. After that, use the left and right vertical lines to guide you in drawing the monster’s arms.

Extending the Cloverfield's arms down

Fifth Step – Finish the Arms

Normally, you’d only need to draw two parts of each arm. But as we know, the Cloverfield monster has double-jointed arms.

So continue to draw the arms using the vertical lines as a blueprint. It’s easier if you make sure to keep the left and right sides as similar as possible.

Some advice – be sure to leave about 25-30% space at the bottom of each line. The monster’s hands/claws are rather big and require some extra space to draw!

Alright, let’s speed things up a little. Take a look at the following step by step walk-through of how I developed my monster’s arms…

Drawing the Cloverfield monster's arms vertically Drawing the claws of the Cloverfield monster Continuing with the claws of the Cloverfield monster Finishing the claws of the Cloverfield monster

All done? Good stuff. Now your monster’s got the same (or similar) gigantic double-jointed arms as the creature in the Cloverfield monster movie! Nice.

Next, let’s go back to the head and work our way down the center line to develop the body of your monster…

Drawing the mid-section of the Cloverfield monster

Sixth Step – Mid-section

Take a look to the left and see how the mid-section of the monster takes shape.

Start below the chest and draw two more curved lines. I’m just speculating as to what this area looks like. See what you can come up with here.

After that, follow the center line down further so that you can draw yet another set of arms.

While I do remember the second set of arms being small and sort of useless – similar to a T-rex’s, I’m not exactly sure about the look and size. Draw yours like mine, or change them to look a little bigger if you like.

Lastly, finish off the mid-section by adding a few more curved lines for the stomach area, as well as for the hips and the groin. The mid-section is complete!

Continuing with the mid-section of the Cloverfield monster

Seventh Step – The Legs

In the Cloverfield monster movie, the creature’s legs were similar to those of a dinosaur’s.

Start off by drawing the upper part of each leg. Begin at the hips and draw curved lines extending out and away from the center.

Similar to the double-jointed arms, the legs also have three parts to them. No, they’re not double-jointed, but they are similar to how a cat or dog’s hind legs are formed.

Here’s another step by step walkthough to give you an idea of how to develop your Cloverfield monster’s legs…

Drawing the legs of the Cloverfield monster Continuing with the legs of the Cloverfield monster Drawing the feet of the Cloverfield monster Finishing the feet of the Cloverfield monster

As you can see, I drew the monster in a crouched position. If you like, go ahead and draw in a few details. In my case, I added curved lines at the ends of all the fingers and toes to make them appear more like claws.

Awesome work up this point! One more step and you’re done!

Sketching the tail of the Cloverfield monster

Final Step – Long "Whippy" Tail

In the movie, I remember the Cloverfield monster to have a long tail, perfect for taking out pretty much anything that got in it’s way!

To draw your monster’s tail, I recommend you use a curved guideline similar to the one on the right. Keep it nice and light as you’ll erase it shortly after.

You can draw the tail to look exactly like mine or you can draw so that it’s in a different position all together. This is up to you!

Mapping out and drawing the monster’s tail is actually pretty easy when you have a guideline to work from.

Finishing the tail of the Cloverfield monster

Once you’ve got the tail all mapped out, go ahead and draw it in.

Be sure that it continues along the same path after it disappears and then reappears at various parts of the monster’s body.

Once you’ve got the tail drawn and looking the way you want it, it’s time to take out your eraser and get rid of the guidelines – all of them!

After that, you’re all done! To wrap things up, I suggest you give your monster some color. Brown perhaps? Maybe cream? Make sure that you color the lungs on the side of it’s head red! That’s a given.

OK, let’s see what it looks like when it’s all done…

Similar to the Creature in the Cloverfield Monster Movie?

Here’s what the finished version looks like – colored and all. Compare yours to it, and to the one in the actual movie. Is it similar or different? And how so?

Picture of the Cloverfield monster

Again I have to say, J.J. Abram’s Cloverfield monster movie was really cool and I feel it’s movies like this that give many people – including myself, loads of inspiration to draw!

I hope you enjoyed this lesson as much as I did creating it. Perhaps down the road, when we get a better look at the creature, we can refine our drawings for a closer resemblance!

See you again soon for yet another wild monster drawing lesson!