How to Draw Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster cartoon image

Cookie Monster is just plain awesome – hands down. Big, blue – loves cookies… all the perfect elements for a great character! 🙂

Similar to Elmo from before… this Sesame Street character is quite simple to draw – given his generic shape. And best of all, you can have fun with the lines as you bring him into view. Add a ‘shaggy’ appearance with quick ‘spikes’ here in there. Or if you like, leave them straight.

Overall – the hardest part in drawing this character – is imagining what his body would look like – as from any TV appearance I’ve seen… he’s always behind something!


First Step – To Draw a Cookie Monster…

Minus the body – this character would be easier to draw. A simple horizontal line, about where his shoulders are set, could help to indicate a ledge or table, as he’s normally seen in this way.

Here though – we’ve got the full blown visual…

Cookie Monster framework drawing Cookie Monster framework drawing with two cookies

Kind of a neat way to view him before-hand… wouldn’t you say? Best of all – it really sets the pace for his obviously favorite snack… TWO GIANT COOKIES!

Let’s do this.

Second Step – How to Draw Cookie Monster

Much like Elmo – this character’s eyes sit perfectly atop his head. For further comparison, it’s much the same with a frog or a crocodile. The key difference though – is to instill a sense of ‘crazy’ – by off-setting the pupils of his eyes ever so slightly. Remember… he’s crazy for cookies!

The steps as they unfold…

Drawing the eyes and mouth of Cookie Monster Drawing the head of Cookie Monster Drawing the body and arms of Cookie Monster Drawing the hands of Cookie Monster Drawing Cookie Monster's cookies Drawing Cookie Monster's feet Black and white drawing of Cookie Monster Cartoon drawing of Cookie Monster

The most fun creating this lesson?

Well, aside from visualizing you being able to draw this character – that much easier when it’s complete… I’d have to say – the cookies! Especially the rainbow chocolate chip one… don’t think I’ve ever seen him portrayed with one of these. 🙂

Great job – and yes… VERY SOON… another Sesame Street drawing lesson !!!