How to Draw Count Von Count

Count Von Count cartoon image

Could it be that this character – Count Von Count – had some impact on your ability to count? If not, that’s OK… but surely – he’s one of the most popular characters (and vampires!) on Sesame Street – for this very reason.

Here in this lesson – it appears that he’s just beginning… hence the cute number ‘cartoon one’.

Von, two, three, let’s draw!

First Step – Can You Visualize This? Sketch it Out to Help…

If we were to zoom in on his puppet bones… we might come across a series of wires, wood, metal, etc. Here though – we can visualize this character ahead of time, by sketching out a simple framework – in this case, a stick person.

Of course – it’s not at all about drawing a ‘stick person’… but if it helps – it IS about having a quick peek into the components that compose the Count – before you attempt to draw him…

A simple framework for drawing Count Von Count Key features for drawing Count Von Count

The orange parts of course – are positioned to indicate the lines of his cape/cloak – as I intended to draw them. You can change this to suit the look you’re going for.

OK, here we go…

Second Step – How to Draw Count Von Count

Beginning with his ‘reverse-diamond-like’ nose – followed by an ‘almost unibrow’ (not quite like Burt’s)… go ahead and bring this character into view using the following steps to help you plan and sequentially progress.

Have fun creating this ultra-cool Sesame Street character!

Drawing Count Von Count's nose and eyebrows How to draw Count Von Count's face Completing the head of Count Von Count Drawing the top part of Count Von Count's cape Drawing Count Von Count's arms Drawing Count Von Count's hands Drawing Count Von Count's body Drawing Count Von Count's cape and buttons Drawing Count Von Count's legs Drawing Count Von Count's feet Black and white drawing of Count Von Count Cartoon drawing of Count Von Count from Sesame Street

And so it ends… err – begins!! — the count that is!

But before you go – you might be wondering about the colors I chose for his cape. Actually, the inside of his cape is a mixture of different colors — and for sure… if you’ve got the patience, take the the time to bring forth a more authentic look for this part of the character.

Again. Congrats on a job well drawn! 🙂