How to Draw Crazy Cartoons

The term ‘crazy cartoons’ is used to best describe the unique, funny – and just plain out of the ordinary…

Drawing lessons that you’ll find here.

At some point along the way, as you practice and repeat – driven to improve at your craft…

There will be instances where you’ll just want to ‘let go’ – and try your hand at drawing something that’s… well…

Kind of silly.

Maybe you’re creating a new comic strip?

Maybe you’d like to experiment with different characters, having them interact in various ways.

Or maybe you just want to find more ways to make drawing all the more enjoyable.

In this section of the site, you’ll learn how to draw various ‘crazy cartoons’ – lessons that combine several subjects into one situation…

Crazy cartoons - cartoon drawing of a whale

Revealing a circumstance that’s truly unique – unlike anything else you’ve ever thought of or seen!

And not only will these lessons aim to make drawing all the more fun – but also… you’ll get some great practice on how to combine different subjects into one drawing, as in this situation…

More attention on the planning and sequence fronts – is normally in order.

OK – ideas!

Well, similar to the ‘You Decide’ section – I’ll propose several ideas that you can vote on, before each new lesson is decided.

There’s no telling how the winning selection will turn out (totally part of the fun!), and in doing it this way – you’ll be able to tap into your imagination ahead of time, thinking…

…I wonder how this one’s going to turn out!?

It’ll be fun! 🙂

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  • Crazy Cartoon World

    In this crazy lesson… give the earth a 3D cartoon face. I’ve used a previous drawing as a reference.