How to Draw a Creature, Made Of…Bubbles, Butterflies, Clouds, Flowers, Rainbows and Stars!

Cartoon creature image

Before we even begin – please know, this lesson on how to draw a creature – one that’s made up of bubbles, butterflies, clouds, flowers, rainbows, and stars (as voted by visitors to this site)…

Is a little bit different than usual.

Basically, we’re going to take some common "doodle-type" shapes – things that are simple enough to create…

And draw them over and over and over… gradually bringing into view – some sort of ‘creature’.

The idea with this lesson, is to encourage practice and repetition – while at the very same time – creating something totally unique in the process.

Let’s begin! 🙂

Let’s Draw This Creature!

First thing then, let’s tackle our creature straight on – by coming up with *some sort* of unique-looking framework, from which to base it’s shape on.

Seen here, you can see – I’m going for something almost ‘monster’ or ‘alien-like’. Of course, we’re going to be taking our time, gradually doodling our way to the finished product – so if you like…

Design a framework to take on the shape of anything. Person, animal, thing – whichever! It doesn’t have to look like mine. It could be anything at all…

Framework for drawing a cartoon creature character

First of the shapes, I decided to go with stars.

And yes – what great practice this will be!

Drawing stars, isn’t always so easy at first. But just keep in mind, there’s no need to make them look perfect. Take a look below, and you’ll see that *collectively* – the stars look pretty nice.

A closer look however, reveals that – no way – are they perfect.

And of course – practice and repetition is what makes perfection. The more you draw, the more you’ll recall the various patterns your hand and pencil makes, when sketching something over and over on paper.

Here’s how the first step looks…

Drawing the stars on our cartoon creature character

And yes, seeing how we’re going to take our time – I decided to color, as I moved along.

That framework below – if you’re drawing on paper, should be very lightly sketched in pencil.

Here are the stars, colored…

Coloring the stars on our cartoon creature character

Next up – it appears this creature, is going to have a whole bunch of butterflies – positioned about its body.

Have fun with this. Butterflies are simple enough to draw.

Begin with a circle. Next draw an oval-like body. Then mirror a set of simple wings – try to get them looking as close as you can – but again…

No need for perfection.

And add some sort of design on the wings, too…

Adding colorful insects to our cartoon creature

Moving along – gradually – this creature will come to look like something a bit more recognizable…

Next – add some flowers.

Drawing flowers as part of our cartoon creature character

And then – just as mentioned, at the very start…


Draw a whole bunch of circles – all over the place. And inside each one, draw another *off-centered*, smaller circle…

Something to give off the impression of a ‘shine’.

Here they are…

Further developing our cartoon creature character

OK. Almost done now.

But truly, something so unique and creative like this – is going to take some time. So please do! Have fun with it. 🙂

Finishing things off – I added the eyes, some soft grey lines – giving off the impression of a soft cloud-like body…

And also – a pair of twisting rainbows, wrapping from its chest – and down either arm, towards the ground…

Cartoon drawing of a creature made of flowers, rainbows, butterflies, and bubbles

And there it is.

One interesting – strange – you decide! – looking, creature. 🙂

Lots more to come, please check back soon for more lessons!