Create Scary Demon Drawings

Demon drawings cartoon image

When thinking up ideas for demon drawings, it occurred to me that there’s one specific kind of demon that first comes to mind…

If you’ve ever played the hit computer game "Diablo" (Diablo 2 being my favorite!), then surely you know what kind of demon I’m referring to. Big, red, sharp teeth, horns and claws… you get the picture!

Actually, one of my favorite demons ever is the Balrog that appears in J.R.R. Tolkien’s "Lord of the Rings". What an awesome monster! It especially looked cool on-screen.

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at how to draw simple generic demon drawings. Let’s call it a "dark demon" for fun. And yes, it’s got pretty much all the basic features you’d expect – yet simple enough for pretty much anyone to reproduce.

Let’s create some demon drawings!

Drawing the head for demon drawings

First Step – A Demon Head

The head, being the center and most important part of the demon is what goes first. Draw an oval in the middle of the page. Then, lightly sketch a cross so you can easily map out the face of your dark demon drawing.

Notice how the horizontal line of the cross is curving down ever so slightly? I did this on purpose as I wanted head of the demon to be tilted downwards.

Next, add some horns… more than just two if you like. A demon can look all sorts of different ways so be creative in your approach!

Drawing the hulking back and arms of a demon

Second Step – Demon Back, Shoulders & Arms

Alright… I wanted this particular dark demon to have a serious hunchback going on! To bring this idea to life on paper, draw a huge arc like the one on the right.

Notice how I skipped the parts of the arc when I came across the horns. Do the same so that it appears as if the demon’s head is set in front of it’s shoulders.

Once you’ve got the back and shouldersof the demon in place, draw a couple more lines so that your demon’s arms become visible.

Starting at the lowest parts on either side of the arc, draw two curved lines so that they curve upwards towards the demon’s head. This makes the arms look as they’re hanging freely… kind of creepy looking!

Drawing the claws of a demon

Third Step – Demon Claws!

Drawing the hands of your dark demon is actually pretty simple. All it takes is a few curved lines to create sharp claw-like hands.

I guess the hardest part here is making sure that the left one is about the same size as the right one. For this I suggest you practice a few times off to the side. Sketch out a few different drawings until you get something you like.

If you can remember the cartoon chef lesson, it also helps to treat the hands as simple shapes first – circles perhaps. Use the circles as a guideline so that you can keep proportion and symmetry. After, erase the circles to reveal near-perfect looking dark demon claws! Actually, this goes for pretty much all drawings involving hands. Don’t forget!

Fourth Step – Give Your Demon Some Wings!

This part’s actually pretty neat. Just like dragons – a demon will often have these huge bat-like wings. They really give the monster character! In sequence, here’s how to go about drawing the wings of your demon…

Drawing the first part of the demon's wings Drawing the second part of the demon's wings Drawing the third part of the demon's wings

All the wings are really, is again – a number of curved lines. Whatever you do to one side of the demon, do pretty much the same to the other. Looking at mine, you can see that the right wing is a bit off compared to the left. No worries though… we’re not aiming for perfection here!

Drawing the body of the demon

Fifth Step – Finish the Body of the Demon

Now that you’ve got the wings of your demon drawn, let’s return back to the body of your dark demon drawing.

About halfway up the inside of each arm, draw a small curve that points inward. In doing so, your dark demon now looks as though it’s big and strong on top, yet skinnier toward the middle of it’s body.

Then, between the hands, draw a few more lines to create the groin area. One downward pointing curved line and a couple small diagonal ones are all it takes.

Although you can’t see the legs of your demon at this point, by adding the groin area, we can certainly visualize them as they may look in behind the hands and the wings. Let’s now go ahead and draw the parts of the legs (and feet) that can be seen…

Drawing the feet of the demon

For the legs and feet, draw in the remaining lines that should be seen, in behind the hands and the wings.

I’ve drawn the demon so that it’s crouching down. If you can’t picture this, don’t worry. Just fill in the remaining lines that you see here to give it this appearance.

Notice how the feet of the demon are very similar to the hands. Feel free to make yours look a little bit different if you like. OK, one last step and you’ll be ready to tackle all sorts of different demon drawings… time to give this dark demon a tail!

Drawing the tail of the demon

Final Step – Give Your Demon a Tail

Well, one more small step remains before you complete the first of what I hope to be, many different demon drawings!

I gave mine the classic "arrow-look". Perhaps you’ve got a better idea though. How about a spiked tail… a longer tail… two tails! See what you can come up with.

The only other thing to do would be to give this demon a little color. Red usually works nicely.

Well, that about wraps the demon drawings lesson. Again, I kept this lesson fairly generic so that you could branch off and add some of your own ideas. I think you’ll have some fun going through this lesson again, changing a few things as you go. For example, give your demon a different face or change the size and length of the wings and arms of your demon.

And there you have it… a simple method of creating some really scary demon drawings!