How to Draw a Dragon Head

Dragon head cartoon image

Time for another drawing lesson! And here – we’ve got a cool-looking dragon head, one inspired by a drawing from a long time ago. While a bit on the ‘advanced side’… do your best in using the ideas you find here – to come up with an original-looking version of your very own.

Let’s begin.

How to Draw a Dragon Head

For a framework – here we’ve got a simple layout of circles and lines. The left circle helps to visualize the form of its snout. The grey lines – curved – help to visualize the angle of the head – and where to place key features such as eyes, nostrils, etc.

Here’s what we’ve got

Framework for drawing a dragon head

A few extra colors – sketch in some other shapes to help you place/visualize any other key features that ultimately – will make your dragon head unique! Remember – the sky’s the limit.

Key details for drawing a dragon head

Fading out the framework, let’s get to the actual lines now. Begin with the left eye… slowly bring it into view, in a way that best suits the look you’re going for…

Drawing the eye of the dragon

Next – it’s on out to the snout of your dragon head. Notice how the curvature of the grey lines help to map things out? It’s nice to have a guideline to work with so that proportion is always in mind.

Developing the snout of the dragon

Develop the face of your dragon now. The other eye will appear slightly smaller due to the angle its being viewed from. Also – sometimes… broken lines to *give the idea of form* – is a really neat technique to make your drawing stand out. Did this here with the mouth area.

Like so…

Drawing the additional details of the dragon head

OK. Bring the rest of the head into view – before you move onto the neck area…

Drawing the side fins and underside of the dragon head

Using the line marking off the neck/spine – draw in sequence – top to bottom… some plates, bones, etc. – down the center…

Drawing the plates along the dragon's neck

Now go ahead and bring the thickness of the neck into view. It’s up to you how you go about it. How you do though – will certainly leave room for imagination – as we’re only drawing the head.

Drawing the underside of the dragon

Now fill in the rest of the neck area – again, using the image to help you with some ideas. Really, you can take all day with the details if you like… get super creative as you continue to make yours unique to you.

Drawing the details of the dragon's neck

Detailed, and minus the framework… here’s the end result!

Black and white drawing of a dragon head

And with a splash of color…

Cartoon drawing of a dragon head

…you’re done!

Well – that was fun! Really looking forward to creating more cool lessons like this one. Hope you enjoyed it… stay tuned for more! 🙂