How to Draw a Dragon – Part 1

Cartoon dragon image

In this, super in-depth lesson – I’d like to show you how to draw a dragon – one that’s flying, breathes fire, has many spikes & horns… and that holds a magically enchanted staff. It’s divided into two (initially three but combined the first two steps into one) parts, and is designed to help you tap into your own creativity.

Before we start – I’d just like to say… WOW! This lesson was so much fun to create, and looking back – I really hope it inspires you to creating some amazing-looking dragons of your own.

Let’s begin!

First Step – Map Out the Structure

Much the same with other lessons, let’s begin this lesson by arranging shapes and lines in such a way, that we can visualize what this dragon will look like and be doing – before we actually jump into the drawing part.

Keeping your lines nice and light will allow you to focus more on creativity as you progress – and less on proportion. Also, if you like to just ‘get right to the drawing’ – this phase will help you visualize how the subject eventually will come together – in its entirety.

Here’s the first part…

Framework for drawing a flying dragon
Connecting the framework of a flying dragon cartoon
Drawing the arms and legs of a flying dragon
Drawing the wings for the framework of the dragon
Making the blast of the dragon drawing
Adding the staff to the framework of the dragon

Based on what we’ve sketched and/or visualized up to this point – you can imagine how the rest of the lesson will pan out. Just by the structure of the subject – according to the arrangement of lines and shapes – we know it’s flying, that something will be extending from out of its mouth (fire!) – and that it’s holding some sort of tool or weapon.

Moving forward …

Second Step – Develop the Form

Sometimes – jumping straight into the detailing and/or finalized version of your drawing – can be a little bit off-putting. Especially if you plan on adding TONS of detail – it can really be of help if you take the planning process even further.

Now that the dragon’s structure is firmly established, next – let’s slowly develop form in the dragon. And let’s do so in a way where we don’t put emphasis on acute details… we’ll leave this for the second part of the lesson.

Beginning with the head, gradually place your lines using the following steps to help guide you forward…

Drawing the head of the flying dragon
Drawing the neck of the flying dragon cartoon
Drawing the left arm of the flying dragon cartoon
Drawing the left wing of the flying dragon cartoon
Drawing the tail of the flying dragon
Drawing the beam of the flying dragon
Drawing the beam focus of the flying dragon
Black and white drawing of a flying dragon cartoon

So… how does yours look up to this point? See how simple everything is? No – not simple as in "it’s easy to draw…" – sure it can be difficult in some parts. But instead – do you see how simple the lines are… how they act almost as ‘place holders’ for the a nice stretch of the imagination — very soon to be put forth!

At this point, I’d say we’re about ready to move on to Part Two. So when you’re ready – click on the following link, and we’ll continue…

Click Here to Begin Part Two