Draw Flowers Easily

Draw flowers of four simple petal designs

Here, I’d like to show you how to draw flowers, ones that are really easy to create – and also – ones you can change up an infinite number of times and ways so that they look however you want them to.

Let’s get going with this super-simple drawing lesson!

Drawing Flowers Easily

A short and simple lesson, here you can see just how easy it is to come up with some neat-looking and original flower drawings. Both the central part of each flower (carpel and stamen) as well as the petals… can be altered and designed an number of different ways.

You can create flowers that resemble some of the more popular types – roses, daisies, etc. — or you can come up with your own versions. Get creative!…

Drawing the center part of the flowers Drawing the initial petals of each flower Repeating the petal pattern to reveal four different kinds of flowers Cartoon drawing of four different flower designs

Looking at the examples above, you can see that it really is quite simple. Change the size of the center, and the shape and frequency of the petals — and each case, you’ve got a completely different-looking flower.

Actually – if we wanted to… we could finalize these flowers after the first or second steps. And further more, you could also mix and match the various petals layer upon layer.

And that’s all there is to this lesson. A quick little guide to help you make flowers that are all the more unique! 🙂