Cartoon Drawing of a Butterfly

Cartoon drawing of a butterfly image

OK. Let’s make a simple cartoon drawing of a butterfly…

When it comes to drawing, butterflies are always winners. They’re super easy to create, with only a few simple steps.

Butterflies come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and have an infinite possible number of different designs on their wings… makes drawing them all the more fun!

In this lesson – making a cartoon drawing of a butterfly… symmetry is very important. Just remember, whatever you do to the one side, do pretty much the exact same to the other!

Drawing a butterfly step by step

First Step – Symmetry

A simple curved line is all you need to get started with your cartoon butterfly.

Keep this line extra light. Mine’s solid, but feel free to make yours dotted. The main thing is that it’s light enough to erase when you’re finished.

Got your line drawn? Great. Now, go ahead and give your butterfly a head and a body – similar to how I’ve done it on the left.

Remember that shapes and sizes vary, and so, feel free to make your butterfly with a bigger head, longer body, etc. Get as creative as you like. Besides, with your center line in place, there’s lots of room for differentiation and error.

After you’ve got the head and body drawn – keeping things as symmetrical as you can, feel free to draw in some details. Eyes, a mouth, antennae… legs too if you like, but really, they aren’t necessary.

Once you’ve got the head, body, and details finished up, it’s time to give your butterfly some wings…

Second Step – Give Your Cartoon Butterfly Some Wings!

When drawing the wings, start with the upper right wing. First, draw the upper-right wing. Then, mirror it as best as you can by drawing the upper left wing. Use the center line to help you keep symmetry, but remember… it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Drawing the top parts of the butterfly's wings Drawing the bottom parts of the butterfly's wings

Completing the wings of the butterfly

Once you’ve got the top left and right wings done, do the same for the bottom ones. Again, keep using the center line to keep symmetry and proportion.

The other thing you may want to do is give your butterfly some "tail wings". This is an extra that I came up with — butterflies don’t usually have them in real life, and if they do… they’re more of an extension of the bottom left and right wings.

If you want, come up with your own butterfly wings. So long as you keep symmetry, there’s really no end to how creative you can get! Make the wings smaller, bigger… or add more layers too if you like!

Cartoon drawing of a butterfly image

Final Step – The Wing Pattern

Only one final step remains before your cartoon butterfly is complete!

Butterflies are famous for the amazing diverse and colorful patterns on they’re wings.

Just like I’ve done, you can keep things real simple and use circles/ovals of various sizes. Or, you may want to try a more complex pattern – something of your own creation.

One thing’s for sure though… if there’s one drawing that’s got to have some color in it – it’s this one!

And that’s all there is to creating a cartoon drawing of a butterfly… hope you enjoyed the lesson!