Drawing Pansies Step by Step

Drawing pansies cartoon image

If you’re looking for a simple method for drawing pansies, this may just be the ticket for you. At first glance, they look rather complicated – but actually… drawing pansies can be a really easy task.

Pansies (in their many different varieties) are some of the most unique-looking flowers around. And with respect to drawing, they’re only as symmetrical as they are centered to the eye.

And so, right off the bat – with the idea of ‘symmetry‘ in mind… I definitely suggest you use a centerline as you work through this lesson. It’ll help you keep everything balanced left to right.

Well, enough chatter… let’s get a move on so you can learn how to draw some truly unique and beautiful cartoon pansies!

First Step – Draw a Framework for Your Pansy

Below, you’ve got a series of three simple steps that show you how to easily outline a nice-looking framework from which to design and draw your flower. And it all starts with a simple dot…

The first petal for drawing pansies Drawing the second and third pansy petals Drawing the fourth pansy petal

Once you’ve got a center dot for a reference point, go ahead and draw an ‘upside down heart‘ so that the dot resides centered near the top. This upside down heart is the lower petal of your pansy drawing.

Next up, draw two ovals for the left and right symmetrical petals that all (or most I think!) pansies have. Do your best to keep things balanced. Then, when the first three shapes are finally in place, all that’s left is to draw a final petal. It’s a simple circle that connects with your dot and falls in behind the other three petals.

It’s true – pansies do have more petals, but I thought that being a cartoon and all, it makes sense to keep things nice and simple. Four petals gets the job done just fine – BUT… as always… if you’d like to change it than by all means, please do!

Second (and final) Step – Use Your Framework to Draw Pansies

With a nice framework in place from which you can now begin drawing pansies of all different shapes and sizes, the next thing to do is to draw the final lines that compose the form of your flower.

Let’s begin with the lower petal…

Drawing the first of four pansy petals Adding the two side petals for the pansy drawing Completing the pansy drawing with the last petal

Use the upside down heart as your guideline to map out and draw the lower petal of your pansy. This can be a bit tricky as you’ll want to deviate from the framework as you approach the petal portion nearest the center of the flower. Bend the petal inwards as you get near the dot, just like I did above.

After the lower petal of your pansy’s in place, everything else follows suit. Draw the left, right and center petals and you’re all finished… well almost! As you know, pansies are known not just for their unique shapes, but probably even more so for their amazing color patterns…

You guessed it… time to get out the pencil crayons!

And when it’s all said in done — you now know from first-hand experience just how simple drawing pansies really is! Good work. 🙂