How to Draw Fantasy Drawings

Creating your very own fantasy drawings is a great place to start when it comes to learning how to draw.

And this is the place to do just that!

In this area of the site, tackle all sorts of different fantasy-related drawing lessons, straight out of popular books, movies, and other places.

So, when you think of ‘fantasy drawings’…

What kinds of things come to mind?

Unicorns? Griffons? Elves? Orcs!

Sure, all of these creatures fit the bill.

In the world of fantasy, there’s really no end to the many different types of weird and wonderful creatures that exists – and that you can draw!

I really think this section of the site will be lots of fun – and very beneficial for those who want to get ‘extra creative’ in their work.


Well, like with dragons and monsters, creatures of fantasy are just that — fantasy! We don’t know if they really existed. And so there’s lots of room for guessing as to how they actually are supposed to look!

Fantasy Drawings

For example, fantasy creatures like griffons, centaurs, and minotaurs all combine two different things. So in a sense, it’s like combining two different drawing lessons.

And the same goes for the pegasus on the right.

It’s a horse… with wings!

And if you like, add a horn and becomes a unicorn with wings!

Again, loads of room for creativity.

As you’re working through the drawing lessons in this section, see just how creative you can get.

Use the lessons as a guide and see if you can come up with your very own version of how it’s supposed to look.

Enjoy the fantasy cartoons section!

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  • Phoenix Drawing

    In this ‘fantasy drawings’ lesson, create your very own fiery phoenix drawing – emitting flames from its body.

  • Cartoon Wizard

    Here, learn how to create a magical cartoon wizard using a unique arrangement of five simple triangles.


  • Fairy Drawings

    Just like Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, in this lesson learn how to create your very own mystical fairy drawings.

  • Cartoon Griffin

    The head and wings of an eagle, the body of a lion — check out this lesson to learn how to draw a griffin.

  • Cartoon Drawing of a Unicorn

    Create a unique drawing of a unicorn in this lesson. You may find drawing other horse-like creatures easier.


  • The Last Unicorn

    In this lesson, let’s draw a likeness to the main character in the popular animated move "The Last Unicorn".

  • Eye of Sauron

    Here’s how to draw “The Eye of Sauron”, just as it looks in the movie adaptation – high atop Barad-dur.

  • Cartoon Phoenix

    In this fantasy-focused lesson, let’s draw a neat-looking cartoon phoenix, straight out of Greek mythology.

  • Elemental Creature

    Learn how to draw a creature made of bubbles, butterflies, flowers, rainbows, and stars.

  • Orc Drawing

    Learn how to create a cool-looking orc drawing, similar to the ones in WOW and Warhammer.

  • Cartoon Dwarf

    Learn how to draw a cartoon dwarf complete with a horned helmet, long beard – and a cool looking axe too!