How to Draw a Firefox

Firefox cartoon image

Chances are – if you’re not using Internet Explorer to browse the web… it’s Firefox. And rightfully so… Mozilla’s browser is easily one of the fastest/compatible/most reliable ones available.

Aside from it being an excellent browser – they’ve got a pretty cool logo too! Here, let’s draw it, but instead of facing away from the observer… here the fox is facing forward, and with a bit of extra ‘character’ added as well.

So many possibilities… so much fun… gotta love drawing! 🙂

First Step – Wrapped Around the Planet Earth…

First thing… get a feel for the shape/structure/form of what you’re about to draw by either lightly sketching out a penciled framework based on the examples below (to be erased when you’re done)… or just staring at this for a moment, as it’ll give you a nice ‘visual’ for what’s to very soon come.

Helpful examples…

Firefox framework - circle and cross Firefox framework inside a circle Firefox framework details Details for drawing a Firefox

See how we’ve got him twisted around to face the observer? A neat twist on the logo – I thought. And similar to any other character we’d draw… some extra guides can be quite helpful in mapping things out ahead of time.

OK then, let’s do this…

Second Step – How to Draw a Firefox

His sunglasses (!!!) are best drawn after the snout/muzzle as there’s a bit of overlap on his left side. Use the cross to help you position your first few lines, and then – take it from there.

Oh – and as always… don’t be afraid to ‘branch off’ and inject some extra creativity and imagination into this cool character.

YOU have control of the outcome!…

Drawing the snouth of the Firefox Drawing the sunglasses of the Firefox Drawing the ear of the Firefox Drawing the head of the Firefox Drawing the arms of the Firefox Drawing the left hand of the Firefox Drawing of a simple Firefox cartoon Drawing the Earth behind the Firefox Black and white drawing of a cartoon Firefox Cartoon drawing of a Mozilla Firefox

Haha… gotta love it! The cartoonification of a cartoon – to reveal a new look/homage to the logo.

This was tons of fun to create – I’m sure you’ve enjoyed it too… be neat to see what sort of take on the character you had.

Another lesson coming SOON! 🙂