Flying Spaghetti Monster Drawing Lesson

Flying Spaghetti Monster cartoon image

Ever seen a picture of the ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’? Basically – we’ve got a ball of pasta hovering in the air – two snail-like eyes on top… and resting on a couple of meatballs. Yes – this would be the ‘traditional’ look.

Here – let’s take things a few steps further. A couple forks, sauce for lips… and even a deadly set of chompers – this is a totally different take on the creature – have fun as you put a unique spin on yours!

Here goes…

How to Draw ‘the?’ Flying Spaghetti Monster

With all those intertwining noodles soon to come – it makes sense to first visualize or lay down – those lines which help to cement the structure of our character in mind — before we actually begin drawing…

A simple circle for a meatball

Above – I’m keeping things ever-so-simple. The body and one of the forks are indicated first.

And to follow – go ahead and map out the mouth – the meatballs (as circles) – and if you like… the overall tilt/direction that the spaghetti monster is flying.

Like so…

Basic shapes for drawing a Flying Spaghetti Monster

OK – now go ahead and sketch in some of the ‘wavy-looking’ noodles that extend randomly off the body of the monster. Let go and really give yours a unique take – no need to latch on to the specific way that I’ve drawn mine…

Colorful lines to indicate the placement of pasta tentacles

Well – now we can have a much more comfortable go at this creature – the guides really ease the mind – as we can better visualize just how this drawing is going to take shape.

And of course – you can deviate and branch off any way you like as you progress.

To the eyes!…

Drawing the eyes of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Next – begin with the upper lip (made of sauce!) – and in doing so — see about incorporating a couple noodles.

Not too many though – as really – we need to take our time – ensuring that we get each line placed in spots that best make sense – overlapping and intertwining where necessary...

Drawing the meatball mouth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Now, prior to some of the noodles that hang down from around and out of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s mouth – go ahead and sketch in some of the upper lower-mouth details…

Continuing with the mouth of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Looking pretty neat – no real ‘stress’ paid to one absolute outcome. Who knows how this will turn out. Just have fun as you slowly bring forth something that’s never been drawn before.

Check out the ‘spring-like’ twist of noodle that will soon wrap around one of its weapons — a fork!

Drawing the noodles of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

And now – fork in place, continue on with some more noodles – emerging from behind the already-drawn lines of your monster…

Drawing more noodles for the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Keeping to the common perception of how this monster *might* look – I couldn’t help but add in the meatballs. Maybe it’s not the case with yours though – maybe there’s more, none… maybe yours is made of ravioli!… Who knows!?

Drawing more details for the Flying Spaghetti Monster

More noodles – just keep them coming…

Drawing even more noodles for the Flying Spaghetti Monster

…right up until your satisfied with the look of your monster. Here – I’d say I’m about done, and so – minus the framework lines… here’s what we’ve got!

Black and white drawing of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Colored though – it’s even better!

Cartoon drawing of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

And that’s *one way* to draw the (a) Flying Spaghetti Monster. Given the steps that you’ve gone through to create a unique one of your own – here in this lesson… now, surely you can come up with all sorts of cool and crazy-looking versions of this creature.

It was fun! See you next time!