How to Draw the Ghostbusters Logo

Ghostbusters cartoon logo drawing

The Ghostbusters logo is easily one of my favorites. Extremely popular, a great number of people enjoyed these movies back in the day. Remember Slimer? How about Bill Murray as ‘Peter Venkmen’? Great movie all around!

In this lesson, let’s design a likeness to the original logo. As a means to encourage creativity, I’ve changed the look of the ghost within the circle – such that it’s waving, smiling… and looking the observer straight on.

Alright – let’s do this!

First Step – Planning a Likeness to the Ghostbusters Logo

Looking like a great big crosshair – this arrangement of shapes and lines, really helps to cement the form of the logo – before you go on to place the lines which compose it. Sketch it out lightly in pencil… or visualize it in your mind, before you progress.

Here it is…

A framework for drawing the Ghostbusters logo
Details for the Ghostbusters logo

Key in this revised design, is the placement of our ghost – as it sits in behind the soon-to-be red frame of the logo. We’re not going to draw all of the ghost – obviously!… just those parts that aren’t obscured.

Continuing on…

Second Step – How to Draw the Ghostbusters Logo (Likeness)

If you look at the original logo – you’ll notice the eyes, nose, eyebrows, fingers, etc. — all have a certain ‘look’ to them. So – when coming up with a variation, a homage to the original one… it’s a good idea to do our best to maintain these ‘looks’ where we can.

Here are the steps to make it happen. Have fun with it!

Drawing the face of the Ghostbusters logo
Drawing the head of the cartoon ghost
Drawing the hand of the cartoon ghost
Drawing the body of the cartoon ghost
Drawing the circle of the cartoon ghost
Black and white drawing of the Ghostbusters logo
Cartoon drawing of the Ghostbusters logo

And there we go!

Looks pretty similar doesn’t it? For sure… but of course – it’s not exact. There are areas where I may have gone astray… the size of the ghost’s mid-section perhaps? Well, all in all – it certainly conveys to the observer, that yes – this is very similar to the original logo.

Oh – and something else to mention. Notice how the circle is drawn in last. Here it makes sense to do so, as we can easily map out ahead of time (as we did)… which parts of the ghost will be obscured, as they fall in behind the red frame.

Congrats on a job well drawn! 🙂