Glo Worm Toy Drawing Lesson

Glow Worm toy drawing cartoon image

Lol, this Glo Worm toy drawing lesson, was really quite fun to create.

It’s so neat too, going way back in time like this – remembering yet another neat-looking cartoon character (in this case a toy), from the 80s.

Come to think of it… we should probably have a "toys only" section – here on the site. Would be great for drawing Lego, and a whole bunch of other interesting things.

Anyway – here in this lesson, a simple cartoony take on the character – here’s how to draw Glo Worm from the 80s!…

Glo Worm Toy Drawing Lesson

Right, so what exactly do we have here?

Well – it’s Glo Worm, of course! A worm. That glows!

And yes, I’m pretty sure – it was when you actually squeezed/hugged him, that his head would light up.

Was a really cool toy back in the day.

Anyway, this is going to be my own unique concept – based on the toy. Here’s a simple framework to get us started – made of six *very simple* overlapping ovals…

A framework for drawing Glo Worm

Right, and next part then – adding some of the Worm’s most obvious features – in a different color…

Check out the green and purple below – indicating the placement of his cap and arms. Oh – and that purple circle, bottom right is of course (as seen in the finished image at the top) – a teddy bear!… one he’s just sort of dragging around the house.

It’s like he just woke up.

Here’s what we’ve got…

Drawing a framework for Glo Worm

Yes, simple lines now – go ahead and sort of exactly like I’ve drawn…

Mark of the top of the cap, part of the nose indentation, and the beginning of the right eye and mouth – all things to indicate for our Glo Worm toy drawing…

Drawing the face of Glo Worm

More still – next up…

Go ahead and bring into view his right eye – overlapped by his night cap, along with a couple more lines for the left eye and chin.

It’s coming together like so…

Drawing the eye, cheek and chin of Glo Worm

Haha, this little guy is looking hilarious as ever. And cute, too. Remember, our Glo Worm toy drawing *must* be cute! 🙂

So carrying on then – place in some sleepy eyelids, and then add in the right arm, night cap ball, and also – his left arm.

Like so…

Drawing the cheek and arm of Glo Worm

For sure now – with his pupils weighed down by those heavy eyelids, he’s either coming from or going to, bed.

And yes, speaking of which – here in this next part, you can indicate the placement of his left arm – wrapping around his body…

Same one that will be dragging his teddy bear, wherever he goes.

Maybe he’s sleep walking!?

OK, here it is…

Drawing the hat head and arms of Glo Worm

Definitely, we’re getting really close now – to being done.

Notice the sequence again – in drawing this simple cartoon character version of Glo Worm… makes quite a bit of sense, at this point in the lesson – to be now drawing the chest – and well… the parts of his circular body, falling in behind things that appear closer to the observer.

Glo Worm is almost finished!…

Drawing the body of Glo Worm

So how about it? How is your character looking? Isn’t this version of the character neat-looking?

Well next up – it’s time to zero in on the black and whites – and yes, also bringing forth a much awaited detail… his teddy!

Notice how we only see the head? Notice too, how the arm is on an angle? Clearly, he’s dragging this little guy around the house.

OK, lines…

Black and white drawing of Glo Worm

Well, just one more thing to do now – and that’s digging into our color palette – and yes, applying some light-colored green, along with a few other selections, making our Glo Worm toy drawing – that much closer to the original.

Here he is…

Cartoon drawing of Glo Worm

And the end has arrived.

So sad, but so happy too – because guess what… another fun cartoon drawing lesson, is just around the corner!

Thanks for visiting the site – and yes, will see you super duper real soon for the next one!

Bye for now…