How to Draw a Goomba

Goomba cartoon drawing

Yes – a Goomba! In probably the best video game of all time (my personal favorite being Ocarina of Time…) this is the first little guy you encounter – and sadly, also the very first thing you squish! 🙁

But of course – it all comes down to saving the Princess!

And we’re off to do some drawing…

First Step – Basically a Mushroom – But Try This…

For sure – these little creatures best resemble a ‘mushroom with eyes and feet‘ – but if you’re not so comfortable drawing this sort of vegetable, here’s another route to go about it – mapping things out ahead of time with some triangles about a centerline.

Like so…

Drawing a simple triangle for a goomba framework A framework for drawing a goomba Drawing a circle for the body of the goomba Drawing two ovals for goomba feet

Once your framework is in place – gradually bringing out the curved lines which compose the head – is all the more simple. Just remember to keep these lines nice and light – as always. 🙂

OK – let’s draw this little guy…

Second Step – How to Draw a Goomba

Below – as you can see, I’ve started by sketching in its mean-looking eyebrows. They overlap the eyes and so, it helps if you’re not into erasing too much (like me!). Still, you could always sketch the eyes first, and then gently erase the overlapping part to add the brows second. Up to you!

Here’s how the lesson plays out…

Drawing the eyebrows of the goomba Drawing the eyes of the goomba Drawing the mouth of the goomba Drawing the teeth of the goomba Drawing the head of the goomba Drawing the body and feet of the goomba Black and white drawing of a goomba from Super Mario Brothers Cartoon drawing of a goomba from Super Mario Brothers by Nintendo

Such an angry-looking creature. But still, sorta cute too! One of the many many factors that makes Super Mario Brothers – and the entire Mario Universe, just so darn amazing!

And there you have it… lesson complete!