How to Draw Gort the Robot

Gort the robot cartoon from The Day the Earth Stood Still

Gort, along with the likes of R2-D2, Hal 9000, and the Terminator… is easily one of the most famous movie robots of all time.

And as any fan would know, he arrives on earth with Klaatu in the 1952 sci-fi film, ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still‘ and is capable of destroying an entire planet.

Watching the movie itself – right away you’ll notice that this robot’s form is really quite simple, making him all the more easy to draw.

And in this cartoon drawing lesson, I simplified him even further – making for a really nice and easy-to-draw cartoon character.

And so, starting off with a humanoid framework, let’s begin the lesson…

A simple stick person framework to draw Gort

First Step – Draw a Stick Person Framework for Gort

Gort is a humanoid-shaped robot and so it helps to begin with a simple stick figure framework to help guide you through the lesson.

In the movie, you’ll notice that the robot’s arms and legs remain straight and rigid. So with respect to drawing, straight lines will do just fine for all four of his limbs.

To help with your drawing, it’s a good idea to have a picture of this robot to look at. Again, my version is an extremely cartoonified one – simplifying his lines to aid in the drawing process. In your case though, you might want to change a few things, or perhaps you’d like to add more details than I’ve done in mine.

When your stick person’s drawn, let’s continue on to the drawing part of the lesson…

Second Step – Draw Gort’s Visor and Helmet

Alright, let’s get going – beginning with the head of your robot. Looking at the examples below to help you… draw his head, beginning with the visor…

Drawing Gort's red visor Drawing Gort's head Completing the head of Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still

Looking at the real costume version, you’ll notice that his head is actually a bit more complex than what I’ve drawn above. For example – there are a few more sections… one on either side of his visor, as well as a line running above it. Feel free to adjust your drawing to achieve as closeness of a likeness as you wish.

Alright, next – let’s tackle the body!

Third Step – Draw the Upper Part of Your Robot

On his wrists, waist and ankles – simple cuff-like segments can be seen which section off the various parts of his body. So, before you begin to sketch in Gort’s arms and torso, first go ahead and mark off these areas.

Just like this…

Drawing the waist and wrists of Gort the robot Drawing Gort's shoulders and arms Drawing Gort's torso

And, once you’ve done that… draw in his upper body, beginning with the outer arms/shoulders, following up with a couple curved lines to create the torso. In one last part, draw a couple straight lines to complete the underside of each arm.

Well, things are looking good. Almost done now… just one final step!

Final Step – Complete Your Robot

In one final step, go ahead and complete your drawing by adding the groin & legs, hands… and any other details you feel necessary. As you can see in the final example below, I did end up drawing the extra line running above his visor.

Here’s how the rest of this robot takes shape in three simple steps…

Drawing Gort's pelvis area Drawing Gort's hands and legs Cartoon drawing of Gort the robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still

His boots, as you can see – are really simple to draw. Just a couple partially-completed circles, along with some rectangular soles below. The hands aren’t too difficult either. They’re more like boxy-looking mittens, so no need to worry about fingers!

Finish your drawing off with some details and some color, and in the very end… you’ve got yourself a cool cartoonish representation of Gort!